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  1. OK, thank you for your reply! Sounds reasonable. But may be a plastic layer, like a small polytunnel, could allow you to grow a wider selection of plants. :)
  2. Nice set up, but why not using polytunnel plastic instead of this cloth? So temperature can be warmer inside.
  3. Thanks for your kind answers!, Yessss!!! I like those self stick gutters! I din´t know abouth them but this could be a very good option for me! This way I can built a polytunnel (a lot cheaper than a greenhouse) and also collecto rainwater! Thank you!
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer! The problem with the polytunnel is I was thinking about collecting rainwatter with the roof of the greenhose. This is no so easy with a polytunnel. But, I think I can make a wood structure (whit a sloping "roof" and one or two gutters) and use greenhouse plastic to wrap it up. May be I can bulid a little greenhouse inside this greenhouse, with bubble wrap and use it for the warm plants as Neps. (A greenhouse inside a greenhouse!) So the bubble wrap wouldn´t be exposed to the strong winds.
  5. Sorry! What´s a basher? Another concern is the winter windstorms and the integrity of the structure. And, I had the doubt about overwintering my Dionaeas outside or inside the greenhouse. (Because I don´t know if will be to warm inside the greenhouse even in winter, in a sunny day for them.) But I see on the forum most of you having them inside the greenhouse without problem. Another question I have is how good is a greenhose rising up temperatures when the day is cloudy. Because here I have lots of cloudy days... I live between the Cantabric Sea and the Cantabric Range, and when the North wind blows on, we get day after day of sad and overcasted skies due to low level clouds..
  6. Hi everyone! A long time ago I din´t post here except for a few words! Well, the thing is, I got the oportunity of renting a piece of land for a very little money. (I don´t have any garden, and I badly need a place to expand my overcrowded collection!) So, I think I´ll take avance on that and go for it. So, I want to make a greenhouse on my own, to save same money. The area of the greenhouse will be arround 40 square metres or so. So, the use of polyicarbante panels will be very expensive for me I guess. (Even though would be the best choice for me, because I think they have the best light transmitance) So, another posibility, is use comercial greenhouse plastic (low density polyethilene) it´s reasonable cheap. However, I saw on the net, and here in the forum, greenhouses wrapped with bubble plastic. So, my question is. Could be the bubble wrap be a good substitute of the greenhouse plastic? O even more, could be a better choice than this plastic, because with all those bubbles, would be a better isolator? I hace lots of cloudy days here, so my goal is take advantage of every photon aviable, but trying to not renounce of all the warm-keeping effect I can keep! I don´t know if those plastics are good transmiting ligth. (Specially the plastic secially designed for greenhouses" It´s allways seems too white and opaque for me... Some light amount is beeing wasted. Even bubble wrap looks more translucent) Any advice? The bad side of using soft plastic inestead rigid polycarobante panels is that will be more difficult to install a pipe to collect rain water, but I hope I will occur something. Thanks!
  7. I ordered twice from him and I got very well sized and healthy plants!
  8. I find that the new Dionaea plants,and the other CPs that IKEA is selling now are astonishing. Dionaea makes giant traps, some of them stained, and in my case, with a very partícular shape, mouths quite short and wide. Purpureas are very big, and with a surprising red / yellow colouration, as well as some hibrids they are selling, like paradisia and mitchellianas. And the psittacinas the are selling now are monstrously big, and very red too. Honestly I don´t know were they get those plants...
  9. Wow! This vid is awsome! Have fun you guys! :-)
  10. Yes, I think an overcrowded plant could be prone to get fungus attack... I didn´t have anymore losses until now, but my Helis are growing bigger and bigger and some of them are getting too big, jut like the one on the pics... The wise solution would be to split them in several pots, but the bad nwe is I don´t have any more room in my terraria for more pots... This pic is from two month ago more or less... Now this red Heli has more pitchers... Thanks for your kind replies!
  11. I grow all my plants in full sun with no protection (Neps and Pings included), but I think my sun is not as strong as yours is.
  12. Hi! I have some pics for you. Those were taken this weekend, and show the margins of a big hail thunderstorm over Portugalete, Sestao and Barakaldo. I couldn´t manage to catch any ligthing, but I was able to take pics of the self cloud in the front of the storm. Just behind it, you can see hail courtains falling down, and spreading outwards from the storm because of the strentgh of the winds. Actually we are having a very stormy winter/ begining of sring. With lots of rain, thunderstorms, hail and some snow. Here normaly rains a lot, (about 1600 mm per year.. it´s quite lot of water. Think that London gets 580 mm per year), but this year we have already get our anually amount of water So I guess we will beat ir for large at the end of the year. Here you have some pics.
  13. I have heard deep blue stimulates red pigmentation as good as UV light does.
  14. I think is the East of Canada and the East of USA where tems are extremly low. Mexic Gulf temps are quite normal now. I think you will enjoy Sarrs flowers! I am really surprised about the long lasting E and NE artic pattern over North of Europe. Above all, because of the time of the year when is happening. (Also in North America) Some links "The blow to agriculture and the economy has been worsened by the scale of power failures in which more than 3,000 people were cut off for a fifth day in parts of Argyll and the island of Arran. For the first time in Scottish and Southern Energy's history, two large metal pylons were toppled by snow and ice. The last time a pylon fell was in 1987, in the far north of Scotland." http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/mar/26/cold-spring-kills-newborn-lambs Cold weather to continue for a month, say forecasters UK braces for freezing Easter weekend, with temperatures expected to stay below average until end of April "The big chill gripping the UK will guarantee an uncharacteristically freezing Easter weekend and could last until the end of April, weather forecasters have warned.Temperatures are unlikely to recover to normal averages for the time of year until late next month, the Met Office said in its regular 30-day forecast." http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/mar/27/cold-weather-continue-month-forecasters Severe cold in Europe http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/9057011/Severe-cold-snap-keeps-Europe-in-its-icy-grip-bringing-record-low-temperatures.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/9051921/Siberian-cold-front-sweeps-across-Europe-bringing-record-low-temperatures.html
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