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  1. Dear CP growers, I have a question regarding one of the 'Meccas' of every CP grower - Wilmington NC. It is quite possible for me to have one-in-a-lifetime chance of visiting that marvelous place... As I'm not going to be alone and I'm going to be critically time limited, I would be truly grateful if you advise me about places, that can almost guarantee that VF can be easily found - is it worth to look for these plants in December? I was searching for some information on this topic, and found that Green Swamp Preserve is quite often advised. What I really care is to see WILD VPs in their natu
  2. Nice hobby, now you should start chasing tornados ;) outstanding photos, I like especially these of solid-like fronts made of clouds (in the first part of your photos) - these are just amazing :) thanks for sharing!
  3. Really nice plants, congrats :) what do these sticks in your Cephalotus' pots stand for? do you check the water level with them?
  4. Hello everyone, here is my Drosera Prolifera:
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  6. Amazing plants, amazing photos, amazing trip! I was visiting Palawan one year ago but didn't have time to explore it enough to find any Nepenthes... But hope to come back and admire all of these! Thank you for sharing :)
  7. Hello World! My name is Adrian and I'm from Poland, I've been growing CPs for over two years at the moment and registered here to gain more knowledge and improve my grower's skills ;) I've got a small collection of plants, but most of them are grown from seeds by me so it has a great personal value :) I've also set a kindergarten for my favourite sundew - D. Prolifera, and hope to have a lot of this beautiful plants soon ;) Best wishes from Poland to all the growers!