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  1. Thank you. I use 2:1 peat moss:perlite but I change the composition sometimes depending on the species, some prefer more peat and some others prefer more perlite o even lava rock. Here some other pictures P. spec. Sumidero A hybrid involving P. moranensis P. ibarrae The collection Regards Claudio
  2. P. agnata P. moctezumae P. amarginata P. jaumavensis The collection Regards Claudio
  3. Hello everybody, I've been out of forums for a long time since Facebook groups took over the attention of so many growers like me, but I wanted to post this pictures the traditional way here. I hope you like it! P. moctezumae x moranensis alba P. moctezumae x moranensis P. potosiensis P. moctezumae x jaumavensis (This hybrid was made by me ) P. moranensis x heterophylla P. moctezumae x gigantea P. agnata "El Lobo"
  4. P. acuminata P. emarginata P. jaumevensis & P. esseriana P. esseriana "white flower giant" P. ibarrae P. esseriana P. agnata & P. moranesis (seedlings) https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfp1/t1.0-9/10393706_263927723815984_5352504941572690338_n.jpg] P. laueana, P. moranensis "Guatamala" P. gigantea x moctezumae & P. moctezumae x jaumavensis P. moctezumae x esseriana A general overview of the colection I hope you like them
  5. Just wanted to share some pictures of my Pinguicula colection P. agnata P. moranensis P. gigantea "red" P. laueana "Crimson red flower" P. agnata "El Lobo" P. moctezumae x moranensis alba P. moctezumae x moranensis P. moranensis alba P. x sethos P. elizabethiae P. moctezumae x gigantea (seedling) P. moctezumae from in vitro germination P. rotundiflora
  6. N. sanguinea N. flava N. ovata N. maxima x x Trusmadiensis N. maxima N. platychila Regards
  7. Hello everybody, it's been a long since I posted in a forum, I guess facebook replaced totally the use of forums, especially Mexican ones, they are totally dead, but I'm glad to see there are still alive forums over there. Anyways, I hope you like this pictures I've taken all this year long. N. jamban N. ventricosa x aristolochioides N. lowii N. tentaculata N. spectabilis x aristolochioides N. inermis N. hamata x platychila N. lowii x ventricosa N. x Trusmadiensis N. glabrata N. burkei N. ventricosa N. x "Bloody Mary" N. sibuyanensis
  8. Congratulations! your plant is really beautiful! How old is it? It has great looking pitchers, but I'm pretty sure the next ones will be just better and better, I would love to see it in a few years, it will be spectacular. My best wishes.
  9. Your collection is amazing! That villosa is wonderful! thanks for sharing, I hope my plants grow like yours. Regards
  10. Many of my Pinguiculas are starting to bloom right now... ibarrae Vs agnata moctezumae, agnata, ibarrae, esseriana, jaumavensis and moctezumae-x-moranensis
  11. Thanks for all your nice comments! Rodrigo: No, the plant of the third photo is the same plant, but that photo was taken on April, whereas the first and second ones were taken on December. Andreas: I had to kill that Cephalotus pitcher in order to take that picture, but I'm not sure if I would like to destroy a cobra, anyway, there's a picture "from the outside" of my Darlingtonia ;) Regards.
  12. Hello! Here are some pictures of my Darlingtonias I hope you like it ;) Regards