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  1. Nepenthes Linda is very very rare in Garden Shop ! I have male flower, I' send pollen Against 20% seeds Produced by your plant !
  2. Bad, is very very Ugly
  3. His name is nepenthes ''Linda'' I found him Today in garden center I looked Information On the Internet And I just found one information It is one hybrid of nepenthes rebecca soper x N. ventricosa red . Here is pictures of the plant. I had never seen him in garden center.
  4. Wow Full seeds for In not for a long time ? ^^
  5. remi


    Funny system ^^
  6. remi

    Ibicella lutea

    Nice pictures.
  7. For the stone in a store of aquarium and it is one calcareous type and also thank you has you.
  8. Hello, here is my stone has pinguicula moctezumae