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  1. Hello, I shoot today some pictures from several plants from my collection. So here they are. Utricularia longifolia flower Drosera platystigma Drosera paleacea subsp. roseana Utricularia calycifida Drosera scorpioides Drosera citrina var. nivea flower Drosera trinervia Drosera sp. floating Drosera aliciae, Silvermine Nature Reserve, Western Cape, RSA Drosera intermedia Gran Sabana Drosera sp. South Africa Forms a lovely little stem Drosera coccicaulis Drosera capillaris "North of citronelle Whasington CO USA"
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    that is a Drosera platystigma growing in a pvc tube.
  4. Thanks everybody for the welkom.
  5. Hello I am Tim streefkerk 15 years old from the nederlands so sorry for my bad English. I cultivate the carnivorous plants since 4 years. I have now about 45 carnivorous plants. So hello Good by from here.