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  1. What a nice color !
  2. Yes, but a kind of bug did eat most of my seedlings last year. Fortunately, a few seeds remained ungerminated and did germinate this spring.
  3. I have pollinated my plants myself so I can't answer about self-pollinating habit. It does produce seedpods after hand-pollination, but they are not yet mature. I hope they contain seeds. I will tell you about that later.
  4. This is for sure not Pinguicula leptoceras. I remember seeing such plant a few years ago here on this forum from a south-korean grower. It was also mislabelled, but not claimed to be P. leptoceras.
  5. That Drosera coccipetala is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Pinguicula medusina is just a synonym of P. heterophylla ;-)
  7. Although I think it involves P. heterophylla rather than P. filifolia, this is a very nice hybrid!