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  1. I’ve also been looking but nothing:( did you by any chance end up finding anything?
  2. It appears you’re right, thanks. I always thought collinsiae was smaller and more of a nasal Rosetta
  3. Whilst in mpumalanga I found this sundew I’m suspecting it is burkeana but the petiols are rather long and the leaf shape is not as round as most of the drosera burkeana pics I’ve seen. Could be nidiformis but the traps seem a bit wide.
  4. While hiking in kogelberg nature reserve I was startled by a huge drosera capensis, I’ve seen thousands of capensis at many different locations around the western cape but this was by far the largest. Has anyone seen or heard of a plant bigger? The traps measured 10.5 centimeters or 4.1 inches.