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  1. Hello all Thanks for your kind words. Yes actually it's nice to see how nature is awakening in the GH. So, you can also cultivate Orectante species! Are they easy or more a little picky? I guess I had 8 or 10 seeds which germinated and 3 are left 7 years later but most died the first few years, the ones I have now, I hope will be fine but are slow growing.
  2. Temps still down - but hours of sunshine increasing... cheers Urs http://i938.photobuc...reniformis1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...reniformis2.jpg http://i938.photobuc...eprhophylla.jpg http://i938.photobuc...ahetioides1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...iniareducta.jpg http://i938.photobuc...a08/Htatei2.jpg http://i938.photobuc...diculataApr.jpg http://i938.photobuc...ulchellaAm4.jpg http://i938.photobuc...Hpulchella2.jpg http://i938.photobuc...tesceptrum3.jpg http://i938.photobuc...a08/Neymae3.jpg http://i938.photobuc...smadiensis1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...xventricosa.jpg http://i938.photobuc...ta08/Ndubia.jpg http://i938.photobuc...lochioides5.jpg http://i938.photobuc...lochioides1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...mbanxdubia2.jpg dubia x jamban nich tjamban x dubia http://i938.photobuc...mataxnigra1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...njavanicum1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...osophyllum1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...osophyllum3.jpg http://i938.photobuc...osophyllum2.jpg http://i938.photobuc...Cephalotus6.jpg http://i938.photobuc...Cephalotus4.jpg http://i938.photobuc...Cephalotus1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...isholttumii.jpg http://i938.photobuc...08/Plauena1.jpg http://i938.photobuc...08/Plauena2.jpg http://i938.photobuc...Pemarginata.jpg http://i938.photobuc...planifolia3.jpg http://i938.photobuc...vaumanensis.jpg http://i938.photobuc...rimuliflora.jpg http://i938.photobuc...smodestior2.jpg
  3. Hello Vincent The best adres to go on an Nepenthes trip over there is Ch'ien Lee which is doing planned Tours and as much as I know, you could try to hire also for a separate trip if it does not fit with your time schedule (check out the link below). Best regards Urs
  4. I did not cut open the pitcher to check, since it was in a ntl Park (Tambuyukon). It's an edwardsiana, the only pitcher affected on this plant. But further down on other plants I found 2 more pitchers which where affected, but only with 2 and 3 "bubbles". Wikipedia says that there are no gallwasps in Asia, sow wether there is now or its another Insect which caused this disease. cheers Urs
  5. Hello all look at this pitcher - I have seen thousands of Nepenthes pitchers so far, but none as strange as this one.... :-) cheers Urs My link
  6. Hello Amar Sad the Darlingtonia did'nt make it through this winter, well it was very cold and if she hibernated in a pot outside it was possibly to much for her. Sure, give me a call or make a suggestion, you are welcome.
  7. Here you go: cheers Urs
  8. Hello all My Cobras are forming at the moment the first tubes. Now I purchased last year in Chester some cobras to have some other clones and for my new bog. Until know I always had about the same size in my cobra heads (compared to the tube size). I remember to have seen once many years ago in the botanical Garden of Zurich some impressive Darlingtonias with the head size of a small fist. Now to my surprise, one plant I purchased last year in Chester is doing so almost as well, whereas the heads of last year from the same plant look not different in size compared to the tube size. But as usually, the first 2 tubes are bigger than last year as well. I had also a plant for many years which had longer tubes but even though smaller heads than I observed on this particular plant from Chester. They are standing all in the same corner and the same conditions so it should not be because of other climate or substrate. The plant looks just great and I'm very happy with it! Has anybody made observations, that some clones are different in regards of head sizes? cheers Urs
  9. Hello Francois Nice colours on Cedrics plants indeed! But a question and you might now the anser: he has builded his greenhouse lately, so does that mean the helis where before inside his house under artificial light or in a greenhouse before already where they got the nice colours? Are you misting your plants automatically in the new compartement? Since I would be a bit afraid, that humidity in your Wintergarden could be a bit low elsehow? Best regards and good growing! Urs
  10. Hello Francois I grow some Helis in my greenhouse and some down in the basement for several years. To be honest, the ones down in the basement look much better. On the Tepuis some species receive a lot of sun like the Ptari or Murosipan species for example (low vegetation not much shade). But they are several hours per day "covered" by clouds. On most of the opther Tepuis they where covered with shade also by plants, besides the clouds. For example: on the slopes of Illu where ionasii grows, the largest plants are growing in the shade of other plants same goes for exapendiculata and almost all the other species I know. If you have the right equipment out in the greenhouse, like a strong humidifier and you "fog" your greenhouse well for a good time of the day then it may work well for you. However at least two other friends of mine made the same experiences as I did (basement with artificial light works better for Helis). Best regards and good success! Urs
  11. Hello Forbes Nice report and beautifull pictures and nice coloured plants plus a nice little creek! Must be a feeling like in a fairytale-land admidst of the Darlingtonias over there... :-) Thanks for sharing! Urs My link
  12. Hello Forbes Nice report and beautifull pictures and nice coloured plants! Thanks for sharing! Urs My link
  13. Hello Yves Thank you, yes they like the cold temps. Best regards Urs
  14. Some pics from today... Heliamphora parva Heliamphora pulchella (Churi Z 57) Heliamphora exapendiculata (Aprada) Heliampholra ciliata H. tatei Heliamphora glabra Heliamphora minor var. Heliamphora pulchella Amuri cheers Urs
  15. Enjoy..... N. hamata N. x trusmadiensis N. talangensis N. muluensis N. ovata N. flava cheers Urs