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  1. Hi guys,sadly due to pressure of work commitments, I will NOT be hosting an open day this year but hopefully we will be back again next year,all the best,paul.
  2. Hi guys,just a last reminder about our open day at Chester zoo,if anyone else would like to come,plz let me know,it is free entry and starts at 10.30am,thanks
  3. Be good to see you Mike,I will be at kew in August as well so will catch up with people there as well
  4. Thanks guys,be good to see you both!
  5. Hi guys,getting near that time of year again! Our open day is on the 23Rd July Saturday and I will do everything I can to make it a great day for all,if you are interested in coming plz let me know so I can cater for everyone,all the best.. Paul.
  6. Thankyou for your kind words guys,I really enjoyed meeting some of you again and some for the 1st time,the collection can be seen at other times in the year if you contact myself and we can arrange a visit:-)
  7. Just to let everyone know,entrance to the zoo open day IS free to cps members:-)
  8. Hi guys,just a little reminder of our open day on the 25th July,if you fancy coming along,could you let me know in the next few days so I can sort badges and catering out.it will be from 10.30am till about 4pm and you will have access to the rest of the zoo,hope to see you there:-)
  9. Hi guys,if anyone else is thinking of making a last minute decision to come on Saturday then you would be very welcome but I would have to have your names by the end of the day tomorrow please,either contact me on here or at the zoo or let Dianne know.thanx:-):-)
  10. Hi guys,a final gentle reminder to anyone thinking of coming to our zoo open day to put your names forward so we can get badges printed to get you in free!! I will be on hand all day(hopefully that's a good thing lol).there will be the usual refreshments and edibles on hand,the nepenthes collection of course,all the other greenhouses to look through and a few animals thrown in as well:-)
  11. hi all,just a reminder that our open day includes free entry to the zoo for cps members and includes the usual refreshments and eats etc.hope to see as many of you as possible and as always im looking for more nepenthes to add to the collection either through swaps\trade etc.
  12. this is just to say a big thankyou from me to all you guys(and gals) that organised this event here at the zoo,the best part for me was meetimg as many of you as possible that came,i have loads of email addresses in my back pocket and hope to be keeping in touch with you all.because i work here it was a learning curve for me to be involved my end for this event,i can honestly say it made a nice change to meet some normal down to earth people,actual growers,people who day to day grow plants,people who all have common problems with pests,growing mediums etc etc.the weather was brilliant,the crowds turned up and apart from the boat meal i hope everybody enjoyed themselves!!!ps if any of you are passing by in the future,you know where i am in the greenhouses,just give me a shout,if im not busy i will be glad to give you a tour behind the scenes,all the best...paul.
  13. everybody is welcome,the more the merrier!!!
  14. zoomanuk

    Orchid Bark

    you could try Deva Orchids who are based just outside Chester,i know at most times of the year Chris Shannon who owns and runs it has fine medium and coarse bark available,as to the postage i dont know as being very near to him we usually pick it up
  15. Jens,im gobsmacked!! thats the most ingenius setup ive seen in a long time!!
  16. hi greg,i put 5 seeds in one 8" pot,they all germinated and all are about 4-5" tall at mo and seemingly doin well.the mother plant is in a 10" pot on its own and doin well
  17. thanks Fred,i guess i will have to sort some more water tanks out!
  18. i see your point fred but im talking about an artificial outside bog which is lined and some areas which have partial drainage,from what ive seen when gel has been used outside mixed around the plant the soil surface drys out but the gel holds moisture just underneath the surface.my only worry was possible chemicals in the gel.
  19. maybe this is a daft idea but is it possible to use a product like swell gel in your outside bog to save a little on watering?i ask because i dont know if there are any harmful chemicals in the gel which may affect cp"s or if there are any other possible problems.a friend of mine uses it with great effect on his pumpkins.as i say it may be a daft idea but with summer looming,it sure is gonna be hard to stop a largish bog drying out at times
  20. the quality of any display is dependant on the quality of the plants used and from what ive seen Borneo exotics have set the benchmark!!!
  21. never used hot water myself,just a good seed and cutting compost,sow as normal on damp compost,lightly cover and cling filmed the pot,placed in a warm light spot and wait!
  22. hi Valentin,this is the only other pic i can get at the moment,
  23. no Stephen,im not sure of it at all!but i will check on what you have suggested,thanx.
  24. sorry no better pics yet but i will try later this week.my boss gave me a small piece of the plant but...bless him he cant remember where or who gave it to him! im sorry i cant give you any more info.
  25. thanx for that,u may be right,but i know the photo aint great so i may label it aurea with a ?