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  1. any practical reason you grow Cephalotus like that? is there any beneficial thing to it? Awesome plants!
  2. i think it's the other one, the one who is white-ish with a black spot.
  3. I'll try that, I'm ordering one bottle and i'm going to try it. Spider mites are my nightmare, I'm starting to have dreams of them killing my entire collection of plants.
  4. Awesome! I'm looking forward for the release day of the podcast :)
  5. Anyone knows a good miticide against spider mites? My drosera spatulata has some spider mites and the miticide that I have burns the plants. If anyone knows a place within EU where I can buy it ( preferably not too expensive) I would appreciate it a lot.
  6. The sarracenia northwest podcast didn't stop but it's only once / month and it's short, like 15-20 min long. They call it podcasts but it's more of an update in my opinion. Here is the latest from this month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erpqnAAxp-s That said, I would love an actual podcast, it would be a blast. I'm sure other CP growers would love it too. There's one podcast that sometimes talks about CP but it's mostly about all plants, it's called InDefenseOfPlants. If you create a well detailed, well researched podcast, you won a viewer in me :) . As for the poll, I would like to see all of those topics, so I can't vote 1 in particular, since all of them seems of value.
  7. oh so not all of it is yours. I thought this was on your property where your house is located.
  8. You have one of the most amazing Nepenthes I've ever seen. How big is your greenhouse? do you have a photo from the outside?
  9. Looks ready for some divisions. What sarracenia is this btw?
  10. I love it for many reasons. One of them, big leathery pitchers, it looks beautiful, it's probably the nepenthes that shows carnivory the best. Some of the growers I know found mice, some even sparrows ( it seems to have a thing for mice...). All in all, it's my favorite Nepenthes of them all, it's a beast!
  11. Got one also and was thinking exactly the same. My pot seems full with seedlings so I'll see in the spring if that is so, if not I'll just repot it.
  12. My vft look way worse.Few with some black leaves, some almost buried. As for sarracenia, all traps are pretty much out of function. But here is very cold, it gets to -20, so I had to protect my plants with nylon plastic.
  13. the light is kinda so-so because it's winter and I don't have bulbs for extra light, but heres how it looked in summer around june-july http://imgur.com/a/LZ2XP It had dew but very little, compared to what it had before the transplanting. It used to be full of gnats, but this year not so much. I think the soil seems to be the problem, is not aerate/ loose enough. The longer leaves right now, is probably because of the light.
  14. Scuipici


    Yea don't make them go dormant. I think I lost one small seedling because I thought he could take the low temps here. I'm in transylvania east europe, right now it's like -19 C so I protect my plants with nylon plastic from harsh wind. The soil is rock frozen but the plants seem to be doing ok so far.
  15. I got a bicalcarata not knowing much about it this summer ( young plant ). It seems it really likes warm temperatures, is not doing well in cold, and is not enjoying fluctuations either from my observation. My plant is not doing great, no traps so far but it's putting leaves slowly. I might get traps in 2 months, maybe. I saw some people growing it in a windowsill with heatpads underneat the plant.
  16. Well I don't think everyone is leaving for somewhere else. I think the reasons are simple. It's winter so not much is going on and people frequent many CP websites. Myself i browse cpuk, terraforums, sarracenia forums,Flytrap forums, savage garden subreddit and few pages on FB. As for forums vs FB, I find FB lacking. Good to spread news to a larger audience but it sucks for useful info or communicating. Forums are very valuable for me.
  17. What is the mix that you are using? Also what is the temp? My ping was doing great for a year until I decided to transplant it in Peat+ perlite. Since then it is struggling. I think the media might be a bit too hard for the roots to make it's way, i plan to transplant it in a peat with more perlite and sand. Here are some photos so you can get an idea of how the plant looks. http://imgur.com/a/K1sUh Also forgot to say, it's not making dew as it used to, it's been like this for the whole of 2016
  18. can you link those gardening webshops? on amazonuk there is none and on ebay a bottle is like over 100 $. Thank you for the help
  19. I have yet another infestation of spider mites on my carnivorous plants...seems the war between me and them will never end. Anyway, I found out about this miticide called Avid, seems many people like it a lot. I want to try it, but I can't find it in my country or any european websites that have it. I've found it on the flytrap store for like 20 $ but only on the american one, the international flytrap store does not have it. Anyone know any EU store that delivers to EU countries? Or an UK store, my sister is there and she'll come visit me in about 2 weeks, so she can order there and bring it to me. A small bottle for like 20-40 Euros is all I want, can't afford anything bigger than that atm. Thank you for your help :)
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