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Questions Genlisea Glandulossisima


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I've a Genlisea Glandulossisima and since 2 weeks and i watch the bud at every time. It grow, I see the purple petalous inside the bud. But I think that he fails. And I never see the flower. And this for every bud.

Then here are my questions :

What is what the flower opens only few minutes/hours ?

If she doesn't open, What is what he misses something to open ?

Regards Anthony

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I think it might have to do something with the lighting. I've noticed this with some Drosera that are grown under artificial light. As you might know, some species only open their flowers for a couple of hours when the light is at it's strongest. In the wild they open the flowers only if the sunshine is strong enough. For example, if it rains in the wild, there are no insects to pollinate the flowers, so they won't open. So if the light in your terrarium isn't strong enough, the flower doesn't know when to open it and kind of cancels it.

I don't know if this applies to Genlisea as well, but it might be the reason.

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