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  1. Yes don't worry, they'll start growing normally at some point.
  2. Maybe he plucked those plantlets from the tray. Would explain the shape of the leaves.
  3. Doesn't look like calycifida to me. Unless it has been grown in way too dark conditions, then it might be. Even small leaves of U. calycifida have the red veins in strong light.
  4. Sebulon

    ID missing

    Yeah for 7€ I thought it was a good find! Looks a lot like this: Which is named Miltassia Olmec 'Kanno'. This is the closest I got.
  5. Sebulon

    ID missing

    Hello, I bought this from a local supermarket. I have no idea about the ID, I'm no expert when it comes to orchids. After a while of googling I think it's a Brassia? I hope you guys know better.
  6. Unbelievable! That's a dream greenhouse right there!
  7. Nice setup! Those helis look super healthy! What are the temperatures and humidity in the tank?
  8. Amazing pictures! Wish the plants in my terrarium looked this amazing!
  9. I destroyed an old fridge and put the cooling part inside my terrarium. It's on a thermostat that has different settings for day and night temps. During the day it keeps the temperature at 22 celsius, and during the night it goes down to about 13 celsius. It might not look that pretty, but my plants love it!
  10. Thanks everyone. :) In my experience they're both infertile. When I self pollinate/cross pollinate U. alpina × campbelliana, it generates a seedpod that is either empty or it aborts it really soon.
  11. Flowering for the first time for me: Utricularia alpina on the top, U. alpina × campbelliana on the right and U. cv. Jitka on the right: Hope you liked them as much as I did. Greetings, Jarkko
  12. Gorgeous, I've been trying to find the seeds of this species, but I haven't been succesfull. Nice plant and photos, thanks for sharing!
  13. Actually that was the only plant that survived when my seedtray got dry... So it has to be the alpha male.
  14. Nice, Pinguicula Hauatla looks magnificent! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I love my own cross Pinguicula emarginata × laueana 'Crimson Flower'. It's the first hybrid I've ever done myself and grown to adulthood, so I'm very proud of it.
  16. Sweet mother of mercy! My jaw just dropped on the floor, what the heck did you do to that guy to make it so beautiful? I'm sure everyone's interested to hear about your cultivation methods. Magnificent plant, thanks for sharing!
  17. Thanks everyone! I hope the flowers last long enough, so I can get photos when the 2 late flowerscapes open their flowers too.
  18. Hello everyone, I'm very proud of my Utricularia alpina × campbelliana, it really seems to like my conditions: I hope you like them. Greetings, Jarkko
  19. Haha, it couldn't decide if it wanted to be a pitcher or a normal leaf! Thanks for sharing. Greetings, Jarkko
  20. Yeah, I looked some photos and it doesn't look like any of the clones in the pictures. I'm a little confused, it actually looks a little like a hybrid.
  21. Hey guys, now the Sierra Mixe clone is flowering, here's the flower: I hope this is the real Sierra Mixe clone. Anyone know?
  22. Absolutely stunning photos of a beautiful species! Thanks for sharing!
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