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    Various photos of own collection and visited displays. Ignore dates and times on some photos.
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    N. sanguinea

    From the album: Mwilko86

  3. MWilko86

    N. sanguinea

    From the album: Mwilko86

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    From the album: Mwilko86

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    From the album: Mwilko86

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    N. maxima.JPG

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    N. maxima 2.JPG

    From the album: Mwilko86

  10. Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking.
  11. Ok, thats interesting to know. The planter was in a position last year where it would of got blasted by winds traveling between ours and next doors house. Does make sense that the cold of last winter may of weakened it and the wind then finished it off. I don't have much luck when it comes to VFTs and find Sarracenia and Drosera are easier to keep. Even growing them from seed. Aye D. capensis don't particularly like the cold as I've found with some seedlings that I left out in the cloche the other year due to losing their label and me thinking that they were D. intermedia. But D. capensis need a dormancy period or do they slow down with the drop in daylight hours?
  12. Hiya It hasn't got to a stage to cause worry at the moment as I've only seen one or two slugs on sides of the terrarium, some eggs (which were chucked out of the window) and the odd young sliding around. There doesn't seem to be any damage caused to the neps in the terrarium aside from the odd notch in a couple of leaves and it has only been the boston fern that got munched which has now bounced back. Would it be an idea to let loose some nematodes into my bio-active setup to prevent a possible slug problem? If not, is it possible that there is another way without disturbing the whole setup and harming the clean up crew? Mike
  13. Hiya Nice border you there Karsty and a smart idea to insulate VFT roots from the cold. Here's a couple of photos I took of my planter when it snowed in December. Last week I took off the ferns and some larch needles to have a peak at the crowns of the Sarracenia and all seems to be ok. I did have a VFT planted in the other year but it didn't do so well last winter and gave up the ghost last year.
  14. MWilko86


    From the album: Mwilko86

  15. Hiya I've got a Jungle Arcadia Dawn LED lamp for the setup I've got which is an 60x45x60cm exo terra and its doing the trick. Just don't do what I did and switch it on whilst its facing you. Its like getting the sun in your eyes. Mike
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    From the album: Mwilko86

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    From the album: Mwilko86

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