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  1. Hi ! After a long absence here are some pictures of my little collection
  2. I have Lecanopteris and Myrmecodia
  3. happy to share my collection with you
  4. Hi to all, Here is a series of photos for the month of August to visit my collection Good ;)
  5. Here's a new video of my greenhouse :
  6. The small pipe used to see the water level remaining .
  7. To name called me which photo you want to know the nepenthes. For hydrofogger small white hose and all simply connected to the hose. it is a kind of valve that pierces the garden hose I do not know how to explain
  8. Hi all, I post photos of my new nepenthes good viewing!
  9. Hi to all, I put my video online first year of my greenhouse good viewing Lien :
  10. yes campanulata x robcantleyi Photo April 20
  11. Hi ! new photo series in April
  12. Allo Andreas , Thank you Andreas ! Yes the flowers of some Dracula have a face looks like a monkey's head. I look forward that summer is coming to have larger urn with more color . Guillaume
  13. Thank you, the 14 th picture is nepenthes lowii x ventricosa
  14. Hello all! Here are some photos a few days of spring and after a harsh winter.
  15. latter série (Lowii x veitchii) x campanulata N.Rebecca Soper x N.ventricoca red truncata x (spectablis x northiana) Domonick ;) Adnata x muluensis Lecanopteris curtisii Lecanopteris holttumii (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x trusmadiensis Ventricosa x trusmadiensis Ventricosa x lowii Maxima wavy leaf Truncata x ephippiata ampullaria x ventricosa chaniana x veitchii or vietchii ?
  16. Hello Andreas Yes, I think it is a hybrid, me mine I do not even care lol he needs can be a lot of moisture for my greenhouse is between 60 and 100% humidity, I bought a orchid exhibition, I asked the seller an orchid that likes moisture and can live with nepenthes, the new exhibition will take place in March, I think brought back to other species . A+
  17. Bonsoir Andreas There is not time he starts pushing it vegetating for 2 years! I'm glad he finally decides pushed. At first when I buy my Masdevallias I would not have thought it would have pushed into my greenhouse. In my greenhouse it is between 13 and 15 at night and 15 to 25 days the (winter) is dependent on the sun
  18. Thank you Gareth Davies I'm not so far from England I live in the North of France, I assure you I had virtually no of sun since the beginning of winter, it is true that in England you this must be worse.
  19. Thank you very much Andreas Yes I like my Lecanopteris especially mirabilis. Yes my Masdevallia grows well in my greenhouse and in this type of pot, it always has flowered this period. For veitchii you talked about the first photo? or 13th? the 13th is a Photo Nepenthes ovata. Yes it is Dicksonia antartica I'm happy that you like my greenhouse