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  1. Thanks I been looking around for second hand greenhouses but they are a bit far from where I live. Has anyone got experience with poly tunnels ??
  2. Hi Its not been the best year my greenhouse was destoryed by strong winds and I used the salvagable parts to make a cold frame, all was well for a while until I used some slug repellent (ASDA brand) some which got into the pots and began to rot causing botrytis. I took the healthy plant and cut the dead parts, wahsed them, repotted them and covered them in sulphur. Currently they are not in a green house or a cold frame and just in a sunny spot in my garden, I live in Enlgand would they be ok outside ? Also I'm thinking about building a greenhouse again would anyone recommend a fairly strong greenhouse please ? Thank you
  3. Same a few were repoted this year. Thanks Aamar
  4. This is the only year that my greenhouse hasn't been destroyed. Here are the results, if you can name any of the species it would be a lot of help. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (Copper Lid on the right) 9 (S. rubricorpora) 10 (Schennell's Ghost) 11 (Brook's Hybrid) 12 (Red Sumatra) 13 14 15
  5. It's a grey blueish mould, I think It grew on the carpet moss. Im not too sure what it is but it matches botrytis description. If it does grow back I will try and get pictures.
  6. Hi I noticed I had botrytis growing on the soil, I haven't noticed any on my plants. I took the top layer of soil out and added more, would that be ok or should I repot my plants. I'm thinking about going over my soil with my butane lighter, and how would I use sulphur. Thanks Aamar
  7. Thanks feel a lot better now
  8. Hi i recently checked on my sarracenias and noticed some mould on one of my plants . I managed to cut the infected parts but the part that wasnt infected no roots will my plant survive
  9. sorry for replying so late. its a 6x6 greenhouse I have drilled holes into the slabs and used pegs supllied with the greenhouse and anchored it in and I have used camping anchors aswell. @ada do you mean drill the base and the slabs and screw them both togther ? and is there anything I can do to reduced the swaying ? Thanks Aamar
  10. Hi just got a greenhouse would a foundation of sand and slabs be ok or would I have to dig a hole and pour concerete in it ? Thanks Aamar
  11. Thanks. Sorry for replying so late my laptop broke. The third plant is the Maxima and it's starting to get a colouring on it's throat but the first plant is the same andthe second plant has a few red pictures growing. like you said before time will tell Thanks Aamar
  12. Hi I brought some plants from Hampshire carnivorous nurseries and the plant was sent as rhizomes with no pitcher but now since they have grown pitchers I think they sent me the wrong plants. can anyone identify these please ? Second plant Third plant what i brought was SF009 S.flava var rubricorpra, Apalachacola,N.Fl S.x Moorei slack's maxima
  13. Same thing happened to my greenhouse there is a strong wind still blowing now. My plants are in dormancy but I wonder if they still can get damaged.
  14. ok thanks I can stop worrying now Thanks Aamar
  15. the plants are in a greenhouse. but they did go to dormancy a little late