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  1. Thanks for your help guys. I will try some species :-). Would there be a good chance for N. rajah and N. burbidgeae? Cheers!!
  2. Thanks!! I will try some species. Do you have experience with burbidgeae? Such a beautifu plant! Its also a possibility to put some plants just outside instead of in the greenhouse during the hot days. Now I have to find a good source to buy some (good sized) plants, for a nice price or plant exchange. Any advice? Cheers! Ries
  3. Hi Manders, Thats good news! Thanks for your reply! During the summer temps can rise up to 45 degrees C in my greenhouse. Would that be a problem for highlanders? And what about full sun? And would the humidity drop during the winter months be a problem? Because the true highlanders live in very humid cloudforests right? Thanks again! :-) Ries
  4. Hi Nepenthes growers, Since several years I grow N. "Rebecca Soper" and N. ventricosa x maxima succesfully in my unheated greenhouse (humid, also with direct sun) from May-October and inside in a cold room (less humid, less light) during the other months. I like to add some Nepenthes species to my collection, but I want to be sure there's a good chance they will grow well. I like to let plants grow big. What species are worth the try? I was thinking about N. khasiana, but I would prefer more attractive species. I hope you guys can give me some good advise. Let me know :-). Cheers! Ries
  5. Thanks mate! Ok so I will wait a little longer and sow B. guehoi next april on a south facing windowsill. If all goes well I will move them to the greenhouse in May. Cheers!
  6. Thanks for your help guys! So B. guehoi must be sowed in very wet conditions. Thats a big difference with B. gigantea (which I sowed one year ago). Do you have problems with fungus in such wet conditions? Do they damp off just as easy as B. gigantea or are they stronger?
  7. Hi all, Whats the best way to sow B. guehoi? What concentration of GA3 is best to use and how long do they have to be soaked? What soilmix is best to use? Thanks guys :-). Cheers, Ries
  8. I covered the pots with clear plastic...which you best remove as soon as they start to germinate.
  9. I have also sown outside in February. Goes really well and more plants make it to adult. The most important thing is to place them good for that outside is ideal.
  10. it doesn't really make a difference. Maybe I'll try to cut some and see what happens :-)
  11. Hi all, Has anyone experimented with this? Do plants get older when you cut off flower buds? Let me know! I got some first-year-plants and some produce a flower bud... Cheers! Ries
  12. Thanks guys! Yes. Finding them without knowing where to search is almost impossible ;-)
  13. Hi all, Earlier this month I travelled to the Algarve and visited some Drosophyllum populations. In total I visited 5 Drosophyllum populations, 2 in the Algarve and the others a bit more to the north. We rent a car for 2 days in Albufeira. The first day we had a 2 hour drive to the north to a Drosophyllum location near Santiago do Cacem. This was a very good starter, because it appeared to the best location of the trip! This location is a south facing slope with very open vegetation. It spreads linear on the slope for about 500 meters. Its a beautiful population with thousands of plants. Mostly single plants, but also dense Drosophyllum bushes covering several square meters. There where also some plants growing 70 cm tall through bushes. I think they where growing up in the same Drosophyllum had enough light all the time. Pictures say much more then words:[email protected]/sets/72157644879046084/ After this location we drove 30 minutes to the south to a village called Foros da Pereira. There’s a Drosophyllum population in a Eucalyptus forest. Plants there were smaller then the ones on the previous location. They also had less direct sunlight. There’s a clearing in the forest where most plants grow. Pictures can be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157644863714291/ It was already later in the afternoon but we had just enough time to visit one more location that day. There’s another location after 10 minutes drive. Plants were growing along a fire lane on a steep west-facing slope. It turned out to be a very steep and risky trail, but is was worth the visit. Pictures can be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157644879402124/ The next day we drove to a village called Espinhaco de Cao. Here are 2 locations very close to each other. The first sublocation is a very nice and big population, containing several smaller plants in Eucalyptus forest and some huge plants in a clearing just outside the forest. There even was a single plant with 10+ growth points!! Fantastic location. Pictures can be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157644464442437/ Also the 2nd sublocation is well worth the visit. There were some nice plants growing in the open spaces of the forest on both sides of a sand road. Pictures can be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157644865710341/ The last population is on the top of a mountain in Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. I had high expectations of this location, because I was told that this location contains very big Drosophyllum plants. It was a bit of a search to find this location in “no-mans-land”, but we succeeded. But a sad story: This area is destroyed by fire, I think last year. The old burned multi-branching stems of Drosophyllum where still visible, and there were a lot of them! There must have been big plants here. I found about 10 adult or nearly adult plants remaining there. One was flowering. But the good news: There were thousands of seedlings there, I think they germinated last autumn or winter after the fire. So the fire gave new life to Drosophyllum. Fire is not always that bad... Pictures can be found here:[email protected]/sets/72157644820992666/ Enjoy! Ries
  14. Thanks for your replies guys. I don't have enough seeds to experiment this time, so I want te be sure frost isn't a problem... Yes it depends of the winter...but I think they will get some frost when I sow in February... It can still freeze in early May here in the Netherlands. @Richard: Nice article, funny kind of writing. Thanks for sharing. Does anyone have experience with sowing Drosophyllum outside in February? Cheers, Ries
  15. Hi all, I'm thinking if sowing Drosophyllum outside this year. I hope it brings me more luck. I've planned to sow in February. Will frost be a problem for fresh sowed seeds or small seedlings? Cheers, Ries
  16. Very nice collection!! That B. filifolia is breathtaking!!
  17.'s the "white" Darlingtonia growing now?
  18. I had better germination then previous years using this method, but still very low. I think 15% germinated.... But they all damped off later... So still problems here!
  19. Hi all, I have some confusion in my growlist with Mike King's H156. Does anybody have a picture of this plant please? It would be very helpfull for me :-). Cheers, Ries
  20. Ok, many thanks for your help Peter. I meant stemcuttings indeed, didn't know the right word in English :$. Cheers!
  21. Thanks for your help Peter! What soil is best to use for the motherplant and for the leafcuttings?
  22. Hi all, I grow a N. truncata in the livingroom for several years now. Ist now about 60 cm tall and I like to cut it back. Will it grow back when I cut it at the lowest (woody) part of the stem? Or do I have to cut it in the green part? I prefer to cut the stem as low as possible to get a better shape of the plant when it growes back... Cheers, Ries
  23. First one germinated yesterday. Its now 2 weeks since they were sown. I hope it won't damp off!