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  1. Fly trap

    Rainwater issue

    That's a relief, however in noticed some moss growth in the drainage system and in the roof, would that be any reason for concern?
  2. Apologies for posting again in such a short amount of time but I have run into a bit of a problem, recently I've collected about 5 litres of rain water in a large barrel by simply redirecting the rain that falls from my roofs drains and my roof itself. My question is, is there a chance the rainwater may have picked up additional nutrients as it was running down the roofs pipe and the roof itself ?. Need advice as plants are arriving soon and that is the only rainwater I have collected :/ - Thanks a lot:)
  3. Fly trap

    Sundew dormancy

    Ive just bought a drosera capensis and a drosera aliciae, does anhone have any tips on what i should do to help them survive dormancy, how much light and dormancy should they get? During the day we get an average temp of about 5°C and a night temp of about -1°C if that helps - Thanks
  4. Hello, I've read that it's best to buy bare rooted plants during dormancy as you reduce the risk of plant trauma during repotting. To specify the plants I'm looking to purchase are sarracenias, fly traps and some sundewes (capensis and aliciae) what do you think I should do Thanks in advance :)
  5. Fly trap

    When to buy plants

    Do you reckon it would be safer to purchase them now if they are bare root plants?
  6. I am purchasing some carnivorous plants online 1 venus flytrap 1 sundew1 1 buttewort (Pinguicula) 1 Pitcher plant (Nepenthes) 1 pitcher plant (sarracenia) My question is, when should i purchase them. Would it be best to buy now and allow them to adjust to the climate during dormancy or wait until March. Any advice would be appreciated. -Thanks :)