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  1. Thank you! So I joined the r/SavageGarden discord and asked a few questions there, and they recommended me the ZeroWater Filter as well as a lamp holder (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KT7W3L5) and the Sansi 36W LED (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B082PSBP68). The filter and lamp holder arrived yesterday and I checked the water TDS here - it's 55-60 PPM which apparently the Ventrata can take fine. As for the lamp holder, I've linked it and the shelf I'll probably be growing the plants on. Still debating whether to grow the plants on or below the shelf next to the extension cable though... I've been told the Ventrata doesn't need too much humidity to the point where I'd have to spray it, and the Drosera and Pinguicula will be sitting in water so that gives them a good amount of humidity. As for the water, again - it's around 55-60 PPM which is perfect and I can imagine that one filter will last me a long time, maybe half a year or even up to a year? I can't collect rainwater since it's public property and I'm just renting it - anyone could knock the container or move it And yeah, about how I said "low maintenance", I meant as in once everything is set, you don't need to do much to keep them growing. Just make sure they're standing in 1-2 cm of water and get around 8-12 hours of light from the lamp. I reckon I'll grow the Drosera and Pinguicula under the grow light and Nepenthes on the windowsill for now (when I get them) and see how they react. Since they easily show signs they're getting too much or not enough light, I can always adjust the growing situation. By the way with things like dormancy, how much light would I need to give them in the winter months compared to spring to autumn? I'm guessing somewhere like 10-12 hours between March to October, 6-8 hours in November - February? Thanks again for the help!
  2. So I woke up this morning getting a real urge to get some carnivorous plants. I'm at University in my 2nd year - I'll likely be staying here for the next 3-4 years due to cutting my family out of my life due to personal reasons, and I'll likely be repeating the year due to mental health issues. Anyways, I'll be staying here for a while, so I've started my own little windowsill plant collection! I've got an Aloe Vera plant, an unnamed succulent and a Kalanchoe plant so far, all going to be repotted soon once I find some good compost for them on Amazon. The carnivorous plants I'm thinking of getting are Nepenthes Ventrata (https://www.hantsflytrap.com/nh001-nxventrata-small-105-p.asp), Drosera Aliciae and Drosera Capensis (might get 2 Capensis with this deal: https://www.hantsflytrap.com/cl31-drosera-collection-3-1586-p.asp.) I've heard they all are pretty hardy/hard to kill, and I've got a north facing windowsill which generally gets a good amount of sun, albeit being the UK and the weather fluctuating a lot. I've linked a picture of the windowsill, and there should hopefully be enough room for 3-4 more plants! I was just wondering if anyone could share some help or advice for looking after these? I'm in the north, well, Huddersfield, so the weather is generally cooler than in the south. Some specific questions I've got 1) Would keeping the windows open and radiator off generally be the best idea to look after them and maintain a general temperature? 2) When I get them, should I repot them straight away, leave for a few days or would they be alright for a few weeks/months? 3) I'm thinking about getting this to water them with. Would this be alright and how much water do you reckon they'd need? I don't know if this 2.5 litres would last me a few weeks, a month, etc. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CarPlan-DIW250-De-Ionised-Water/dp/B00FRIH094 4) Because the windows don't open fully, there generally haven't been any flies or bugs coming in. I mean, I've only been here since September so who knows about the Spring/Summer months, but will they generally be alright without getting insects as food? 5) About humidity. I generally don't know the humidity of the room, but I reckon it's pretty low? Should I get a water sprayer and fill it with the De-Ionised water and spray them everyday/every few days? 6) Overall can these be as low-maintenance as the succulents, only just watering when the tray they're in is looking low? 7) Are these the best plants to look after in my scenario (Ventrata, Drosera Aliciae and Capensis) or do you have any other recommendations? I'm free for any other help by the way, and I'm hoping to order them today! UPDATE: I ended up buying the Nepenthes Ventrata, Drosera Aliciae, Drosera Capensis and Pinguicula Guatemala, as well as a ZeroWater Water Filter!
  3. Thanks, good idea! My dad's partner has some young kids (around 5 - 7) who can climb on top of tables if something peeks their curiosity so I'm not sure if I should take them outside or not... I've been thinking of asking my dad to make a shelf on the side of the shed but I don't know how viable that would be (moving, protecting from wind/rain, watering, etc) Somewhere I can reach but they can't...
  4. South facing, not sure if it has any window glazing/something that reduces the amount of light going through
  5. So my plants from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants just arrived and honestly, they look amazing! I've been told to keep the first 3 (Sarracenia and Venus Flytrap) outside and I'm keeping the Drosera on the windowsill. Is this alright for the plants in the UK? Just worried if it gets too windy they might be blown back. Any advice you could give? Also put them on that small table in front of the chair in the outside image.
  6. Thanks! I've actually just bought a starter pack with a Venus Fly Trap, two types of Sarracenia and Drosera Capensis or Aliciae, set to arrive sometime this week. My dad's partner doesn't mind them at all (my dad kinda does) and I'll be growing them on the kitchen windowsill and set a reminder each day to make sure they have water. Think I'll take one or two to uni but I'm not sure what to do about dormancy when I come back from christmas in January
  7. I was wondering if this would be alright (they have it at my local Co op where I work) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Carplan-Diw005-De-Ionised-Water-5Ltr/dp/B000C74XPE
  8. Thank you, I might get a Purpurea then! Also, would de-ionised water from Tesco or another shop work in case we have that drought like last year? I've got a water butt I can refit to start collecting water again, it's just about how much it collects.
  9. I've been thinking about either that or the Drosera Capensis. Which would you reckon would be easier to grow? (and possibly carry round and take to Uni, or leave at home a few months at a time)
  10. So since I was 10 I've been fascinated by Carnivorous Plants and have tried growing them up to 15 years old but always failed (either due to lack of rain water to give them, forgetting to feed/consider dormancy, etc.) Now I'm 19 and I've been reconsidering getting a starter pack of a Venus Fly Trap, Drosera Capensis, Sarracenia Purpurea and another Sarracenia (https://www.hantsflytrap.com/bc1001--beginners-collection-1-p.asp) but the problem is I'm going to university about 1.5 hours away and staying there each term starting in September. I could either take these (or maybe buy 1 plant) and look after them in my accommodation, or leave them at home where I worry they won't get the right care. If not these then should I get a regular plant for Uni/home? By the way, should I get any of these plants if my bedroom window is north-facing (doesn't get direct sunlight) and my dad doesn't necessarily want me growing them on the kitchen windowsill. Has anyone had good experience growing standard CPs outside in the East Midlands?