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Carnivorous Plant Maniacs in Down Under (2001)

In the last part of our Australia trilogy in 2001, we find many carnivorous plants with Kirstie Wulf and Greg Bourke near Sydney and in the Blue Mountains. We look for more sundews and bladderworts with Trevor Hannam in Cairns and film Drosera schizandra in the jungle of Mount Bartle Frere. In Port Douglas, we are invited by Helen and Michael Gabour to the great blues events at the Court House Hotel, dive on the Barrier Reef and encounter more carnivores and an impressive stick insect near Cape Tribulation. In the CP-paradise of the Kimberley near Kununurra, we film many plants and two bug-plant-mutualisms including a sundew with unusual characteristics, which we are delighted to find in cultivation on our return to Germany. We show it to an expert and Dr. Jan Schlauer explains the unique characteristics of the plant in an interview at the end of June. In December 2001, he describes the new species in Carnivorous Plant Newsletter as Drosera hartmeyerorum. This film offers an hour of exciting adventures on the successful search for carnivorous plants in Australia. It doesn't get much more adventurous than this!



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