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  1. OK. I thought window sill is as unspecific as it can be with respect to humidity and temperature (since I cannot control it; humidity in room is ~40%). As for substrate, its in the one it came (looks close to 100% peat) and water could have less minerals (boiled tap water with low mineral content). Of course I like to give it more sun, but I dont have a South facing window. Anyway, the (new) leaves of the other plants are browning as well now, so it appears to be something more global. I will change to low mineral water and increase the humidity and see how it developes. Thanks for all the input so far, Bernhard
  2. I guess I will check the roots. As for other some suggestions: Water: not particularly low in minerals but I can try with lower content. However, as mentioned above shouldnt this effect all plants?! Humidity: I put a cover on it just to try, but again as mentioned it may effect all plants (unless there is an effect due to the closeness to the window - see below). And wouldnt this be counter productive if it is a fungus? Or can I exclude this? Conditions: ? see above!? Otherwise, light is only natural as its on the window sill. The "worst" plant is closest to the window, so maybe it gets too hot?! BTW here the bird in question: Thanks, Bernhard
  3. Hi, I have 4 Drosera capensis alba in one pot. First one started having problems in that it developed new leaves but they turn brown almost immediately (see left of fig1). The other 3 have been fine and two are flowering. However, now one of the flowering ones started to turn new leaves brown too and has reduced dew (fig 2 - left). The other two are still fine, so far. Any idea what I can do? Fungus infection? Or wrong conditions? Since the other 2 plants are (still) fine the culture conditions (East facing window sill) can't be too wrong!? The plants had a bad aphid infestation last year, but seem to be fine now. Thanks for all help, Bernhard Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3
  4. I guess I have to repot soon anyway, so (even if this sparks a massive debate) what mix would recommend? Cheers, Bernhard
  5. Thanks for all responses. Here, just a quick update in case it is useful for others. It seems that the plant has recovered well, and as mentioned there is even a new sprout coming in the old tip. Cheers, Bernhard
  6. Hi, the new leave on my Nepenthes alata is turning black from the tip (actually rather dry and almost wilting) and no new leave seems to be produced from the stem (although there is a new one coming besides the main stem from the soil - right side). I am tempted to cut off the last two leaves and hope that the plant will recover (NB the second leave was like that when I got the plant). What do you think? As for growing conditions at the moment I struggle to keep the humidity constantly above 50% and light may be sparse at times but more is coming (living in Sweden). As for watering, initially I only used boiled water for watering, recently I switched to deionized water however. I attached pictures of the plant. I am thankful for any suggestions. Cheers, B