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  1. HI MIKE are yours these plants? H56 and H78 Do you have photos of these plants?
  2. from everything I read I think it is impossible to order plants from America or very expensive Thanks to all
  3. then tell me you do not know if any site that provides plants for Italy with the necessary phytosanitary certificates?????
  4. for example in trade and sales area I'm looking for the Sarracenia "Doodle Bug" but nobody has one while in American websites while there are a lot best reguards Daniele
  5. thanks Paul but I'm looking for American website because in Italy many plants can not be found :lol:
  6. Hi mike thank you very much you know them???? i search website in rule with the laws reguards Daniele
  7. I look for Amercan sites that send carnivorous plants in Italy thank you at all excuse for my english Daniele

    hello all

    hi and welcome
  9. hi and welcome to the forum
  10. thank you djh is nice to be in this forum
  11. thank you very much good to be here