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  1. hi ! I have a little problem with my N.aristolochioides, there are stains that have appeared on the leaves (I don't think they are burns from the lighting because it's been 1 years since I have the same lights and I do not I never had this problem) they seem to be spreading on the other leaves :
  2. Here is my nepenthes higland terrarium. it is a 90x45x90 exoterra. for the light I use the turboneon. to cool the terrarium I use a fridge system. during the day the temperature is 22 ° C / 71.6 ° F and at night the temperature is 13-14 ° C / 55.4-57.2 ° F. the plant substrate is 50% sphagnum / 50% perlite. Little N.hamata n. jacquelineae x burbidgeae N.glabrata n.inermis n.glandulifera x burbidgeae N.aristolochioides
  3. hi everyone my name is levan and I’m 14 years old. I live in paris and I’am passionate about nepenthes higland. Since I was little, the nepenthes have fascinated me. I have owned a nepenthes higland terrarium for 3 years. I would write a topic on this terraium. bye !!!