N. Macrophylla help. Root // stem rot???

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Hey everyone, first post :)

just wanting to make sure that my plant isnt suffering from any root // stem rot as I'm still a new grower.

the reason for my concern is the newest leaf on my N.macrophylla is starting to show some signs of wilt.

I've had the plant about a year and half and growth has been steady and consistent with no problems until now.


lighting: it gets about 8 to 10 hours of light a day from my little 6500k glowlight (a little blue and red light mixed in as well)

watering: I dont really water, I have a humidifier piped into the tank that I turn on at night when I place my ice packs in to cool the tank. Keeps the soil moist, and I feel like watering further would be too much.

temperature: about 70 - 80 Fahrenheit during the day, and I try to hit high 50's at nightly.

I've recently done a repot. So maybe stress? Attached are some pictures I took of the root system // stem when I repotted.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I dont have a picture of the current wilt on the leaf, but it is happening near the edge of the leaf, I'll try and post a picture tonight - I'm just away from my plant at the moment.


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The plant in the photo looks fine to me but yes, it's always easier to help if you have a current photo of your plant

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Thanks for the reply.

I think it's doing better now. My concern was a newer leaf was wilting. However, the next leaf coming in is doing much better - nice waxy appearance and dark green.

I'll try and post a current photo soon


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