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  2. With direct sun + the led seedlings turn to green, so i just need to find the best condition. thanks a lot for your answers
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  4. What answer do you expect on how much? Type, Watt, Lumen, Lux, pur, par or duration? Light is not as easy to quantify as leangth or weight. Better to learn your own plants under your own conditions. Unfortunattely some plants will die meanwhile.
  5. A late friend of mine made the bench - he was a patternmaker by trade so knew what he was doing! The other wooden things are mine. I bought the aluminium staging from TheGreenhousePeople who provided the Robinsons greenhouse. I asked about it's strength and was told it would be fine. So far, so good!
  6. Light is one key but how much light :) i have various % rate of germination and now my concern is more to have green seedlings instead of yellowish one. as they are young (1 week end to 3 months )
  7. Very nice indeed. Thats a stonkin wooden bench up the middle, did you make it? I like the cantilever aluminum staging too, creates space, does it come with a load limitation?. Cheers Steve
  8. Morning Guillaume_p! Hope those seedlings are coming along well! I've only tried once, but this was when I very first started attempting to grow. I'm still terrible, but getting there. I saw this post reciently by Gareth, might be helpful? He did a few tests - His experience might help out, have a look and see if there is anything you can try? Hope it helps! :)
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  10. a part of my seedling are under 50w horticole led another part are under 25 W horticole led + direct sun between 15h to 17h and high light on the others period. i fear to burn it with the sun i will try a mix of sun + artificial light and see how it will grow. i'm not totally clear about the light requirement of the seedling
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  12. Much of the bench space is taken up with seedlings. I'm thinking of moving them to the old greenhouse that came with the house which will free up alot of space. I can also put more benches/trays down the centre, so there's scope for many more plants. I'm hoping I won't fill it for a few years, but you never know
  13. Looks very good and some really nice plants there. How long do you give it before you fill the place up ? 1 year, 6 months? Or less? Rob
  14. I was down at Matthew's nursery the other week. He's got some fantastic plants. I hope you enjoy yours. Needless to say, I bought more than I should have (if there's such a thing).
  15. And now the plants (which is what it's all about, after all).
  16. Have now moved all my plants into the new greenhouse. Here are views from the outside ...
  17. I grow mine in living Sphagnum standing in 50mm of water all summer in a greenhouse in the UK. It survives the winter, keeping it just damp, with no further protection in the greenhouse and we are a similar hardiness zone, if a little cooler. It is native to Brazil at all sorts of altitudes, so I would immagine in Italy you shouldn't have too many problems. Cheers Steve
  18. Hey. Very beautifully made. As if the day of the life of a small plant.
  19. It's quite a healthy looking plant. I wouldn't leave Neps standing in water, they don't particularly like it. I wouldn't keep spraying the soil. Just don't let it dry out. I like to use a bottom feeding fish food in the pitchers, just a little , not too much.
  20. Hi all! I wanted to grow utricularia reniformis for a long time but i don't know what substrate to use, should can I use 4 parts peat and 1 part perlite? Is it able to thrive in zone 9 conditions? how wet is too wet? thanks!
  21. Did plant sales for 6 weeks; it should have made a couple of hundred pounds for charity. On a couple of days, most stuff was sold before I had even finished labelling things up (tomatoes and bedding plants especially). Other people in the area also gave spare houseplants, perennial divisions and spare bedding plants and it went very well. I made up and sold a dozen each VFTs and capensis, as well as a few tiny pots of D. spatulata (all with a care sheet). So hopefully sharing the CP love too.
  22. Yep you’re hooked. Best of luck and enjoy the pleasure these plants bring. cheers Steve
  23. Thank you Steve, that was super helpful! I have now decided to put them under a diy grow light which I am almost finished building. This should hopefully be fine for them until I move in late October. And I ordered a bunch more plants from Hampshire Carnivores and can’t wait for them to arrive!
  24. LeeB


    There is a new paper on Heliamphora phylogeny and biogeography here: It uses DNA to work out the relationships of Heliamphora and includes all but one named species and two as yet undescribed species. Most of the species evolve locally but there are a few long distance dispersal events.
  25. Thanks both of you. I ordered some online this morning. A 100 litre of Evergreen Irish moss peat for £13 and 50 litres of perlite for 15. I know that garden centre. It's about 10 minutes away from me! Just need get hold of sphagnum moss now. Is this sort of stuff for orchids alright or does it contain fertiliser does anyone know?
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