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  2. Hello all, Recently (and luckily) purchased an aristolochioides and it appears to have suffered damage from sudden Winter cold or over-watering. Growth of pitchers has stalled with existing pitchers dying and budding pitchers stopping and curling back inward towards the leaf. Previously new growth appears to have brown/orange spots with brown regions emerging from the stem - see pictures (browning from stem has stopped advancing though). I re potted in clean (not sterile) dead, long fibre sphagnam (live may have been better in retrospect).12 hours of bright sunlight (not direct) and artificial light (3000K @ 3000 lumens) with distilled watering and constant 85%-92% humidity in a terrarium - temperature is at 25 degree with an appropriate drop at night. My key concern is that the dying pitchers and the presence of brown/orange spotting. Should I be giving it palliative care at this stage or euthanise it? Josh Picture 1 - Base of stem Picture 2 - New growth (also has spotting on the reverse side)
  3. Hello Some time ago I Found this nice population of Drosera intermedia. The site was quite small but there where many plants. The plants where growing in peaty sand near a pond. In the winter the whole location is probably very wet or partly submerged. I also noticed that the plants where much smaller then the plants I grow myself. They were only 3.5 cm high. Some close-ups: Overview:
  4. Thank you. I'll drop him a line,.
  5. Yes this is very nice cultivar and mine isn’t as big but make the white traps though.
  6. Hi at all, this is my cross: S. Leucophylla ''Helmut's Delight'', L81 MK X S. Flava var. Rubricorpora ''Black Tube''. I hope you like it.
  7. Why not PM him here? He goes by the name Tricky Utrici and has been selling VFTs recently, very nice ones too I might add! VFT Sale Kind rgards, Rob
  8. Darkest colors I've ever seen on my VFT's this year, and also the least amount of insects around, so Alexis' theory seems to hold true.
  9. Hi all, I've just been looking over a site called sarrecenia. It's run by Les Burdett,I'm trying to contact him with a view to buying seeds or plants. The e-mail link supplied on the site is broken,do any of you know a working e-mail address. Thanks Mark
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  11. I am going along with MK mix see how I get on end of next year
  12. Yours look good so I would not worry. Depends on the clone and conditions how red they get and it can vary year to year. This year has not been the most consistently hot and sunny!
  13. Starve them! In my experience the more they catch the less red the traps get. I can't see a single closed trap in the bottom photo. I suspect that once they have an optimum level of nutrition it's more advantageous to maximise photosynthesis, and open traps are more efficient for that. So they produce less red pigment so there is more chance of a trap remaining open. Also try repotting over winter if they haven't had fresh peat for a while.
  14. I know, you never have enough room! Once everything has been repotted over the winter I can populate that end bench and maybe sort out a potting shed. I like the Melcourt, but I do like the higher water retention you get with peat. So after some experiments I've settled on this mix: 3 parts Melcourt Growbark Pine 3 parts perlite 1 part peat 1 part Kelkay RHS horticultural grit + a top dressing of just the Growbark
  15. Hello, I have a relatively large collection of Venus Flytraps - probably somewhere in the 200 - 300 range, but I can't help but think they don't look as good as they should. Two of the photos below are mine, one is from google images of a beautiful collection. Is there a reason why the ones in the google image photo look really nice, healthy red colour whereas mine look........less good? It has been suggested that mine are perhaps lacking sunlight, but they're in a greenhouse that is a pretty good sunspot. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  16. I bet the end part you have for potting won't last long before you need the room lol certainly looks nice, how have you got on with the Melcourt mix I am going over to it for all my plants come end January
  17. yes natural color, Leucophylla are famous for their beautiful white tubes.
  18. I bought one of these couple of years ago: Compact 4 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter including DI Resin stage for Aquatics Takes my 300+ ppm north Hants water down to sub 5 ppm (sometimes sub 1!). I hook it up to an outside tap to use and it can take a few days to fill a water butt. Low pressure means slower and more waste water but that's all. I added a couple of taps so I can keep the ro always wet (if they dry they die) and pressure gauge. Still on the same to cartridge and am on my 3rd bag of resin. Always flush when I use. You can pay more for better throughput and/or a pumped system but as a basic system this is fine. Don't really need the resin final stage either. Hope this helps. Took me a bit of reading to work out what to buy!
  19. Can anyone recommend a decent low cost RO unit? I'm thinking of connecting one to the outside tap. I've no idea where to start with one
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