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  2. My local Tesco's in Sheffield are selling slim water butts for £6.75!!
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  4. The bags do say suitable for aquarium so it should be good for CPs. Make sure it is silica sand and I should certainly wash it and finish with a rainwater wash before using to be safe. If you have a TDS meter then suggest checking after you have done your final wash. Total Dissolved Solids should be between 10 and 20 ppm after giving it a good wash. TDS meters can be bought cheaply on Amazon if you do not have one (£10 - £15). Rob
  5. Hi, I bought some sand to mix into media, especially to use for mexican pinguicula but potentially also for other substrates. Does anyone have experiences with this sand in particular, are there any potential issues you would expect from using it and are there any other tips a newbie like myself should be aware of? I was planning to wash it and use the white sand in the medium and the coloured sand as topping to keep moss at bay. I want to make a shallow bowl with some different pings in there... Thank you in advance for your advice, weedabix
  6. Hi thanks for your replies.. Ive covered them with a propagator and lost a few so tried without a cover but both times in full sun and still lost a few. Ive got them in a coldframe but i open it during the day so they dont cook. Im kind of happy you say full sun might be the problem as thats what ive been thinking in the last week or 2... Heres some photos taken this morning in day light..
  7. As Rob says,were they covered at all? They Don, t need covering.I throw vft seed on my sarra pots and they germinate fine in full sun and take the heat of a greenhouse and are probably drier than Yours too. The wet compost gives them enough humidity,fresh air around them will prevent rot or mould in full sun.
  8. Were the seedlings covered by a polythene bag or in some sort of a closed environment? I would suspect the sun may have cooked them - my suggestion would be to keep them in light shade until they establish themselves. All seedlings are fragile and need some sort of protection from full sun for the first few weeks. The compost looks wet in your second photo, not a problem in itself, and if the full sun catches them when they are wet then they are liable to be scorched and die. Rob
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  10. This photo was taken about 4 weeks ago so this is aprox when they were at their peak and before i sprinckled sulphur over them but to be clear i was loosing them before the sulphur sprinckling
  11. . I suppose i could have been clearer but thought id give only the info that could be useful. Im sure its not insects or fungus nats as had a spell of them a few years back and the soil is the same peatmoss ive used for my cp plants which is partly mixed with perlite. Ive also recently sprinckled some sulphur powder on top the eliminate the possibility that i was loosing the vft seedlings from mildew though i dont think i have had mildew. Ive got a photo but not sure how to put it on here. My concern is perhaps theyve been getting to much sun ( as theyre not shielded) . Perhaps the peat is maybe to damp or wet but ive kept the seedlings as well watered as my adult plants Cheers n hope ive supplied enother info. I might need to say that i know it looks like mildew on this photo but its the sulphur powder which turning white.
  12. Pictures will help us,it could be a pest in the soil eating the roots.It could be the wrong type of compost? There are many reasons
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  14. Anyone know if Rajah clone K1 is male or female?
  15. I got about 50 mixed vft seeds (real vft ) had them about 20 ish so far sprout. Trouble is im loosing them. Ive only got 4 left that might make it a bit longer and a few more seeds might be shooting roots now but im worried ill loose them. Ive kept adult vfts on n off for years and they seem a doddle compared to the seedlings. Whats your opinion on light. Should i leave them in good humidity in full sun (its been pretty hot in uk lately) or do you think strong sun can cook them ?only use natural light in a cold frame but if hot i open the frame up
  16. ian

    Hello from Italy

    Hello Simeon Welcome to the forum.
  17. I also find inside a house can be a bit too low humidity for these big sundews, especially with the recent weather.
  18. I have a number growing in my pond margins for many years without problems. Did have fish until the herons finished them off but still full with frogs! Plus I have to top up with hard tap water in the hot weather (it'd be a waste of the collected rain water). Give it a go, you might be surprised.
  19. You can remove them or leave them on. No harm either way, except for aesthetics. Happy Growing!
  20. Thanks Greg, I didn't know they make different types of pitchers!
  21. Looks like two Miranda to me - one producing lower pitchers, the other producing uppers.
  22. Ciao Argo! I'm very happy to see you also in this forum!
  23. So I have one measuring the RH @40% inside the GH, another inside reading 48% with the outside RH measuring @40% Perhaps a humidity reader which sets off the misting system aimed at the GH floor if it drops below a certain %...
  24. Ciao Simeon!! Very happy to find you in this forum!
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