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  2. Eden black (origine JJL) Big boy Dudley watt German giant Carnivore giant Eden black (origine JJL) Pascal giant Eden black bouture
  3. Giant clam Alien Erectus Bloody nurse Mutant 1343/1 Crackers WB4 Basmati 013 Carnivoria LB fused Red micro teeth Viridis
  4. It certainly does, but I'm anticipating having a fair bit more grow space by then Day temps are hitting about 28 max at the moment - I haven't measured on a full-on summer day yet but I'd expect a few degrees above that.
  5. Not sure what your definition of small is, but lowii gets huge over time. What temperatures do you normally get during the day?
  6. How to remove Nepenthes seed husk (testa) in the most elemental fashion way. Konnichiwa! I have not yet obtained any USB camera for my microscope. I have been notorious for being clumsy since I was a child. In fact I have never met any person, who is clumsier than me. They used to say mumble such as "You have two left hands!" "Your fingers are all thumbs!". They call me all sorts of names under the sun. I have to admit, they, all people around me, are cleaver with their fingers. The stereoscopic microscope of mine is not trinocular, but a binocular one. A mobile phone was attached to the left eyepiece(ocular lens). Consequently I was looking the objects through the right eyepiece with my left eye. Thus the operation was a clumsiest manual fashion of this clumsy guy. Therefore, the process can be done smarter and speedier by anyone, no matter how clumsy he/she is. Until someone discloses much better method, please use it as reference, if you are interested in. But then again, the removing Nepenthes seed husk is not a point, the important thing is how to get better germination from old Nepenthes seeds. As I wrote, it is a primitive manner. I believe it is not the only alternative seeding method of preparing for old Nepenthes seeds or moldy ones. Kind regards from the Far East How to remove Nepenthes seed husk (testa) in the most elemental fashion way..mp4
  7. I'm looking at adding a small nep to my windowsill collection. Currently the two I have growing there are Bill Bailey and hookeriana. The three I'm currently considering are: N aristolochioides x robcantleyi N lowii N eymae I usually get at least an 8 degree drop in temperature at night, about 5 hrs direct sun per day and the plants get misted at least morning and evening for additional humidity. Any thoughts on suitability of any of these three plants? Lowii is my preference at the moment but its reputation is definitely making me hesitate a little!
  8. Hi all, it's time for me to thing about a little greenhouse mainly for dionaeas, sarracenias and droseras, but i have some questions and i'm sure you can help me.. I live in Italy and here the sun during the hot season is really strong, do you think that 4 mm panel are good enough or 6 mm is better, and why? Another question is about typical polycarbonate panels of glass like panels....wich one is better and why? Thank you so much for your advices Max
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  10. Hi there yes all my helia are under vaxer long LEDs, thank you for your kind comment. I'll have to post some new pics soon as alot has changed. Yes find them very good!
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice photos!
  12. I have made a nice new cloneöner-sarracenia-klon/
  13. It’s not illegal to collect seed for personal use unless the site is protected like SSSI status (many wetlands are SSSI) but these species are widely available in cultivation so you should not need to collect
  14. Thanks to all of you, sorry for my late reply. These plants are from seeds I obtained from a single plant that I had. I use a mix of calcareous sand, vermiculite and just few peat. Seeds germinated quite easily in may 2018, I kept the plantlets inside, in front of a window till fall, then inside a terrarium under LED, nothing special. Mau
  15. Just had some seeds germinate from this location
  16. Not quite! I need some turf to make a lawn next
  17. Well, that was filled very quickly . Some really nice looking plants there. If 95% of them need repotting and dividing, you'll need a sizeable extension already! Kind regards, Rob
  18. Rubras and a few more hybrids. 95% of them need repotting and dividing over the winter after which the order will be a bit less haphazard next year!
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