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  2. I can't see the top left pot but in all the rest it looks like you've a few plants. Understand your feelings, have a number of those t-shirts with CPs, but you've got 'stock' and they'll soon reproduce. Takes years for sarracenia to pick up but at least with drosera it's much quicker!
  3. Nepenthes hamata BE-3380 Nepenthes mollis (Borneo) was N. hurrelliana
  4. Heliamphora folliculata (Aparaman Tepui, Venezuela) AW Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa, Venezuela) AW
  5. Thanks so much Andy for your sharing your knowledgeable insights. I am grateful for your expertise in being able at least to identify the various species that make up this wacky hybrid. I wish I had such a talent as yours.
  6. I don't you'll ever know for sure beyond the fact that it's a hybrid. It looks like there may be some leucophylla and psittacina in the mix, but there may be more to it than that. Medusa sounds like a perfectly good name for it as long as the name hasn't already been taken!
  7. Thanks for the reply Guy. The plants arrived as they are in the pictures so some had been in the pots for a while hence the moss and two of them clearly potted up fresh prior for despatch. On the website it states that all plants are 4 to 5 years old unless stated otherwise. I contacted them to see if they had pygmy drosera available and they supplied them without stating age. Yes you are right about it taking a lot of pygmy drosera to make a pot look full but I still feel they were less than generous with their portions. I'm going to send an email saying that I'm not happy within the 8 day complaint procedure stated on their website. I was cautious about stating who the company is but I will. It was P&J Plants. I know business is tough in the carnivorous plant world but they won't get many repeat customers with such small portions. Fingers crossed they survive.
  8. Sorry you're disappointed with the order. It would be interesting to know who you bought them from. It's a bit difficult to see, but it looks as though you have several of each of the types in those pots. Did they arrive potted or bare rooted? Potted, probably, as they are pygmy Drosera. The trouble with pygmy drosera is that they are so small. A lot are needed in a pot to make a good display. The first thing to do is to re-read the description on the seller's site. If the size and number of the plants you've received matches the description, fine. If not, then a gentle email to the seller pointing this out is perfectly in order. As to the delay, it's worth checking whether the seller was on holiday. It's usual for sellers to put this on their web site with the dates they are away. Best of luck with this. You do have some nice plants there, though! They may well fill the pots as time goes by. These plants will produce gemmae which you can spread around the pot to germinate. Guy
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  10. I call it Medusa for the flailing thin pitcher wings that twist and turn uncontrolled.The actual pitch trap and hood are so small in comparison to the long skinny wing of the body. I'd be grateful for your help please with identification. Much appreciated!
  11. Today I received an order for drosera plants and I can't help but feel disappointed. I wonder if anyone has any advice on the etiquette required for making a complaint. The plants came from a well known commercial grower in the UK and I feel deflated at the measly portions I received for my money. I've included a picture and wondered if I am being unjust. They cost £27 including postage and took three weeks to cash the cheque so we are talking slow delivery too. I won't be dealing with them again as you might expect.
  12. Alexis

    VFT weirdness!

    How do you know the ant crawled out? You'd have to have been watching it as the exact time it opened enough to let it?
  13. Hard to say without a photo. They can take very high temperatures and should only get into difficulty with insufficient water.
  14. Hello everyone i have a fly trap it is just starting off all the leaves went red then they turned brown i understand this is due to the heat in my greenhouse and now all the leaves which were brown are dead kinda but my stem where the fly trap actually grows on is still in full strength so my general question is will this still grow without the leaves all the leaves are dead and im left with a stem type shoot with generally around 6 from 1 shoot any info would be helpful
  15. Thanks all. Very much appreciated. Seems like cacti are hardier than they first seem! Off down to the garden centre in the next few days to pick a few up. Thanks again. Guy
  16. some lists here
  17. Many cacti will survive sub-zero as long as they are completely bone dry. I overwinter a few in my greenhouse and I only keep it frost free - zero deg C if I can, once or twice minus a few!
  18. I keep a few echinopsis in my greenhouse over the winter, I keep them dry and it drops below freezing on occasion and they have been ok for the last few years, in fact they flower better than the ones I keep indoors. Phil
  19. My new(ish) greenhouse has some space for a few cacti. The greenhouse is frost free, with a heater keeping the temperature to above 4°C in the winter. The cacti in my local gardening centre all say 'keep above 10°C', when they say anything! What can you suggest, please? Thanks. Guy
  20. Hello, I have fresh pollen of Nepenthes ephippiata. If you have interesting females and are interested, please contact me at [email protected] 50:50 seeds share. All the best Andreas
  21. For years I had an oxypetallum and though I could grow it, it never flowered for me and eventually ended up on the compost heap!
  22. The first time my Epiphyllum oxypetallum flowered this was all I saw! The bud opened much quicker than I expected and I only saw the morning after. Your selenicerios looked good with so many flowers at once.
  23. So i'm new to this place and new to using tanks or building vivariums etc for my carnivores or any plants. The most I have done are small scale terrariums. I have tons of tropical and carnivorous plants growing fine in pots. Anyways I recently received a 55 gallon tank that I am building a carnivorous bog in. My question is how can I get land to meet water without any kind of shelf? I'm going to build a slope from the left side of the tank in a way and water the right side but where that substrate meets water i will have plants so I don't want any kind of artificial barrier. My goal is to have around 20% of the tank full of water so not just 2-3 inches but more like 7-8 inch deep water.
  24. Unfortunately the flowers only stay open fo a few hours. On the plus side it does seem fairly easy To grow and flowers every year. I don’t have much of a sense of smell, but i’v Been told it’s quite a pleasant scent. this is what it looked like in the morning...
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