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  2. which is the tallest red sarracenia?
  3. As I'm always experimenting with my plants, I want to try and grow some pings on rocks. Do you have experience with this? Can you show me setups of how you guys do this? This is what I have:
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  5. My Nepenthes ventrata of 3 years has produced it's first flower spike and I think it is looking decidedly male, confirmation would be greatly appreciated
  6. South facing, not sure if it has any window glazing/something that reduces the amount of light going through
  7. I think that might have something to do with the rain splashing down on peat and creating a lot of extra splashes in the process. In my experience, after it's poured for a few days, plants growing in peat seem to look worse for longer than those growing in sphagnum moss.
  8. Looking good! It's a nice idea to make it look more natural than just a long vining plant leaning against a bamboo stick.
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  10. Hi all, I’m looking to setup some supplementing lighting for my sarrs while I have a little work carried out so need to bring them indoors for a few weeks. Having done a little research it seems that LEDs are a popular choice, but I’m just confused as to what PAR value/s or wattage I would need as it seems sarrs, given there height (I’m presuming) could be a little awkward to grow. Or would a T5 setup be a better option perhaps? If anyone could offer some advise or point me in the right direction of a brand, what wattage or PAR/Lux I would need. I only need to cover a 2ft by 2ft area. Thanks in advanced Neil
  11. Tropicbreeze, thanks very much! And I think Im very lucky to see this wonderful cp in the wild and not be eaten.
  12. Nice one Jorge! , I will try something like that.....
  13. Hello!! So today I made a Nepenthes tree using a branch of orange tree. I did this because I need to organize my old nepenthes (around 5 years) Here you are some pics of the process :) I may add more nepenthes in the future as well.
  14. Hey!!! You are totally right, I can collect some water in winter but for the rest of the year I use reverse osmosis :)
  15. To package drosera you can put a plastic cup upside down and seal it with tape :)
  16. Those are great results!!!!! did you feed them? Its always very rewarding to see other growers doing really well with seed grown plants originally supplied by me. thanks for showing your excellent results
  17. It sounds to me like they're just regular Sarracenia that some salamanders accidentally got stuck in. I don't see any mention of them actually being digested by the plants (I can't access the scientific article at ), only that they eventually died, but just because you die of starvation after falling into a deep hole that you can't get out of doesn't mean that the hole is 'meat-eating'.
  18. Cplover, this is an extract from the herbarium publication on floodplain flora of the Darwin region: "In Australia found in W.A., N.T., Qld, N.S.W. Grows in shallow fresh water, often being caught on floating debris. In the N.T. localities include Arafura Swamp, a swamp at Pukitarmarloo Point (Bathurst Island), Fogg Dam, Girraween Lagoon and floodplains of the Finniss and Reynolds rivers." But I suspect it's more common than that. Problem is it prefers permanent water but that is where you'll also get crocodiles. People don't usually like poking their heads into places like that so lots of plants are probably not seen. I haven't seen any around, but I'm always very careful around water and don't take unnecessary risks.
  19. Thanks for the great photos of Australian carnivores. I always interested in the native carnivorous plant over the Australia. May I ask one question?? I had found few red Aldrovanda in the Darwin area about 2 years ago. I had searched the information about Aldrovanda and every article told me that Aldrovanda is very rare even in the Northern Territory of Australia. So I don't know if the Aldrovanda I found is native or introduced by someone. Have you often found the wild Aldrovanda over the Noonamah or Northern Territory??? Thank you very much!
  20. Ada, I got your darlingtonia seeds in march 2017. I sowed them on dead sphagnum moss that i kept moist (nothing on the top). Humidity is roughly about 50%. About 5 weeks later I got germination (12 out of 12 seeds germinated, lost 1 later). This is what it looked like on germination: Now they look like this:
  21. Thanks Karsty, I should have seen that myself. The name has been edited now. This morning minimum was 17.2C with relative humidity 92%, maximum this arvo was 34.2C with relative humidity 28%. Clear skies and sunny all day with light winds. Pretty typical for this time of year. I hear the UK has been getting hammered with dry/drought conditions, above average temperatures and bush fires. Not what you'd expect.
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    Hi everyone, I'm aware of and have pubescent forms of S. alata and S. leucophylla. Are there pubescent forms of other species? Thanks
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    The ants are here to rescue the spider or are they?
  24. Hey tropicbreeze! What's your weather like at the moment? You can edit that plant name up there Karsty.
  25. I just noticed (only one year late) that the last photo in the group under the label "Utricularia minutissima" is actually Utricularia geoffrayi.
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