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  2. Natale

    New growth dying off - help!

    Hi Alex, your plant is grown in home? Generally this behavior, if there are no obvious attacks due to insects, is typical of sudden changes in temperature / humidity. you can cut the dried ascidian too
  3. This is the Bau location not Kalimantan one. tips on Northiana: It grows in a airy peat soil with limestone underneath so it’s neutral in Ph. only grew next to limestone. grow on dry/moist side. it hit 35 Celsius easily humidity is 75% during day and 90% at night.
  4. Nepenthes in Sajingan ignore title of thread.
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  6. picol

    Need id

    Thanks C. Cepha for the specification!!!
  7. alexmh

    New growth dying off - help!

    Hi all, Over the past week or so I've noticed that the new growth on my flava ornata 'Green Swamp NC' has gradually been going brown at the tips and dying back and the flower has a very short stem as can be seen from the attached pic. The plant has been great for the last 3 years and I repotted it into 50/50 peat/perlite last spring. Unusually, it tried to flower at the end of Autumn last year but after reading up on this I decided to cut it off as it would have depleted the plant of a lot of its energy - not sure if this has to do with the problems I'm having right now. Can anybody help me here? I'm hoping I can save my favourite specimen! Alex
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  9. Ordered and received a few Dionaea from Sabrina.

    From ordering to receiving ,,, great service.

    Plants all good condition as advertised.

    Highly recommend seller


  10. Zlatokrt

    P.chuquisacensis in Bolivia

    Can be. It does not cope with the drought very well, so you unless you spray your plants often, you should let the pot stand in a bit of water.
  11. Carnivoro Cepha

    Need id

    Utricularia livida from México.
  12. I am using the TFA Klimalogg pro with one sensor in the greenhouse about 15m away. Until now it works as expected and especially the alarms are helpful. Below 6 deg C the alarm triggers and I can look after the greenhouse heating - occurs only during the night of course, but is loud enough... Last week: Temperature last year: Joachim
  13. I have an oregon scientific weather station with a number of remote temperature/humidity sensors. One of these is in the greenhouse, another in the conservatory. Work well most of the time - the greenhouse one did fail after 18 months but was replaced under warranty. Can see al the details from the console that is wall mounted in the kitchen - takes upto 10 sensors if needed.
  14. I could hold out no longer! A second greenhouse is now in the rebuild to house the expanding CP (and clivia) collections. Picked up a second hand robinsons 10 by 8 for the pricely sum of £10. Currently regasketing as I rebuild before moving into position. May do one half of the roof in clear polycarbonate for various reasons. Anyone know where you can get this for the best price?
  15. Nice - how many tubers is that?
  16. Dunc Problem!

    Sadly this seems only too common with CPs via mail order, whether from ebay or even CPUK sales! Supply and demand have created a market place where some see easy money propagating as quickly as possible. Dionea varieties being 'hot' at the moment. I've had some great plants but also a equal number of really poor tidlers. For 10 euro you'd expect good adult plants, for a couple of euro what you got! To me, am I the only one, this is spoiling this 'hobby". Buying what you can see at an open day is far better or from the well known sellers.
  17. Not a lot of cactus nurseries left these days and most not selling many Lithops. Try the cactus & succulent markets, there's one at Spalding on 27 April and another at Manchester the Saturday after. Manchester do another market in the Autumn which coincides with the Mesembryanthemums Show, so plenty of Lithops on show there. I found Lithops easy to germinate from seed but take a few years to grow on. You could join the society (BCSS) and as a memeber have access to their seed list. Tony Irons sells at these markets and lists on ebay, he usually has some Lithops available. There's plenty of info here although no sales.
  18. Hi thought you might like a pic of d. modesta v donaldii. Enjoy. Dennis
  19. carambola Problem!

    Hi Yasin, nice to hear you've got your money back. I am still a little bit suspicious, though, because it seems to me that if you hadn't complained multiple times and in public, the seller would not have refunded you. In fact, I don't know why they would send unhealthy plants at all, they shouldn't have sent you anything in the first place and should have refunded as soon as they discovered that they couldn't send you the strong and healthy plants you ordered. Keep us posted either way.
  20. If I were you, I'd file a dispute on PayPal and say that the goods weren't delivered, which, in any case, is not a lie. I've learnt that if a seller doesn't reply to a dispute in about a week's time, you get your money back no questions asked. Either way PayPal has a deadline after which you can no longer file a dispute, so I'd say play it safe and ask for your money back. That way you get three possible outcomes: 1) no reply from the seller, you get your money back; 2) the seller replies why he hasn't answered your mails for the past month and when you can expect to receive your plants, and you decide to wait until you receive the plants (although I would exercise caution in this case, because to my knowledge you cannot reopen a dispute should the plants still not arrive or if anything is wrong with them when they do arrive); or 3) the seller replies, but you ask for your money back because you don't want to wait for however long he says you'll have to wait. It's much easier to order a bunch of plants at once than to sit around in the sales section of this forum waiting for someone to sell one of the several plants you're interested in. Legally speaking, you're also slightly more protected when you buy from a real shop with a business number (even if it's a shop in a different country), than if you buy from an individual on a forum. I agree that you can find better deals, nicer plants and friendlier sellers over here than in a shop and that you're better off buying locally than abroad, but it just isn't always as easy to do.
  21. carambola

    Lithops - where can I buy them in the UK?

    I'm not sure if you've grown Lithops before, but if you haven't, make sure you're prepared to see them all die over and over again. I've found them (and it seems many others share my experiences) to be extremely difficult to keep alive even when using the right soil, the right amount of light, watering (and not watering) at the right times, and so on. They're very nice to look at, but I just couldn't figure them out.
  22. bilou68

    What type of cacti is this?

    Monvillea spegazzinii cristata form B
  23. Just to get this year's photos started, here are my first flowers of the year. Flavas: Alatas:
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