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  2. Hi Jeff - unfortunately I don’t know details on the butterwort. But I very much appreciate your help! I’ve been a fanatic gardener for decades, but this is my first year with the predatory plants. They are so fascinating, and I’m really enjoying learning about them! Barb
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  4. Remember the plants will need some form of air flow to help prevents botritis
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  6. So my new baby arrived in the mail today. The soda bottle suggestion seems convenient for now. I'll get my humidity domes delivered in a couple of days so no worries! I went ahead and added some water to the 2 little open pitchers. Also 2 little budding pitchers forming. Would love it if I can keep this one from aborting all pitcher growth. Sigh.... I must have really done a number on my last nepenthes clone I had shipped. I didnt have a clue at the time..... oh well. ;)
  7. You may often see such kind of Japanese packaging way at the stores. I know it is notorious as "overdo" or "a wasteful use of the packing material as resources", that was considered by many people and was severely criticized. A few of them might change their mind after watching the next video. You can turn on English sub.
  8. For some reason, "Izakaya" is popular with Western people nowadays. review
  9. A few of you may be planning to come to Japan especially in 2020. The Olympic&Paralympic games or the ICPS conference, I don't know much about both. Anyway, whatever your purpose, there may be extra time to stay in Japan other than the main purpose. I would post videos as many as I could. You might find tips of enjoying Japan. I would post 2 or 3 videos every few days or few weeks. Hopefully you may be able to find a couple of interesting stuff. I would choose videos mainly from Japanology series. All episodes are wholesome and informative. Although many of them have a sound problem. Please don't ask me any question in this thread or PM. I am quite useless. I met a friend of mine from Germany, who is a famous pitcher plants taxonomist, in Tokyo in the spring of 2019. It was the first time I met him, who has been a good friend of mine since I joined the cp-listserv in 1994. I needed Google Maps. And when I tried to buy our tickets at the subway station, the ticket machine continued to ignore me with my wrong operation. A young woman offered to help us purchase our tickets. How embarrassing! I had lived in Tokyo for 26 years since I was born, and then have lived in the prefecture(s) next to Tokyo though!!! lol. How many decades since I left Tokyo? I won't mention.
  10. These pseudo Japanese songs were composed by two Belgian guys. Whether good or bad, I didn't know this album in 1971. People say "weird, ridiculous, crazy, bizarre, odd, strange, gibberish..." Probably it was an experimental project. The screaming guy in the first track, I can catch the half of his talk. Musicians may be geniuses at language. 01. Yamasuki This song was played in an American movie that related to Fargo (movie). The related scenes: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (I don't watch this movie.) Fargo (movie) You can also watch/have watched the same location in Fargo TV series Season 1 Episode 4 & 6. 07. Yama Yama This song was played in the season 2 episode 3 of Fargo TV series. 11, 02: 11 & 02 have been played as the theme songs on a popular cooking program(farmers' cuisines) with Japanese public broadcasting (NHK)「まんぷく農家メシ」. And 11 was performed in YA-NE-SEN a Go Go (rotoscope animation).
  11. Hi there everyone! Hope all goes well with you guys. We are a company specialized in manufacturing & supplying many types of LED grow lights. We have a few LED grow lights here available for test & review. Anyone who is able to write a product review on the forum will receive one of these LED grow lights free of charge for him/her to do the test & review. Anybody interested ? Please feel free to contact me at JadoKuinuk(at)
  12. Oh I totally have epilepsy. So since I have siezures alot , I would never feel comfortable having a glass humidity dome , or a terrarium garden , sadly. But I was intrigued to find out about these plastic ones that I can have around !
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  14. These high prices for the new cv’s does make me think about leviathan and what silly money that started at and within a few months what it ended up at when you are dealing with a National Collection, there must be quite a lot of them
  15. So I saw these online. Too cool. So I weakened and ordered myself a set of them just for fun! My xmas present to myself. I just REALLY dont like the idea of using a big glass garden cloche. I remember seeing other members posts about using these before.... Any pics of your cloche setups? Any kind! Glass or plastic ones. Updated the post title after learning some more terms used to describe these! Bell jars , cloche jars , humidity domes ..... mabey more!
  16. Thanks Argo88, I thought it may be some sort of aerial root, but wasn't sure.
  17. Hi!!! It it’s all o.k! It is a new root developing... this is of a different kind of roots: Drosera capensis form this ones when it becomes higher, and they help them to fiss well to the substrate
  18. Just one more point,has anyone else grown these new cultivars? To see if they perform the same in other conditions?Or have they just been registered and sold on eBay for high prices?. O.K that's a few points but still valid
  19. Not on the Christmas list this year then Alexis?
  20. I'd say it was pretty exceptional. Which is why I'd pay happily £20 for it instead of the usual £10!
  21. Nice,but not exceptional in my eyes,better than dunes though.would I pay what someone payed for dunes? NO! 200Quid for this one? Again No.
  22. Hi all, I'm new to CPUK but I was hoping somebody could help with a question I have on one of my Drosera Capensis. I have recently repotted a group of Capensis, hence why they are a little dew-less at the moment. I noticed that one of them has a small pink growth on the stem, does anybody know what it is, google couldn't help? Cheers, Edmund
  23. Many thank's The plant is really blooming for its growth and its pitchers.
  24. Hi David,

    I am interested in Drosera adelae. How many plants have for sell? Which size?


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