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  2. Just had some seeds germinate from this location
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  4. Not quite! I need some turf to make a lawn next
  5. Last week
  6. Well, that was filled very quickly . Some really nice looking plants there. If 95% of them need repotting and dividing, you'll need a sizeable extension already! Kind regards, Rob
  7. Rubras and a few more hybrids. 95% of them need repotting and dividing over the winter after which the order will be a bit less haphazard next year!
  8. Hola buenos días, me parece que como con otras Droseras pigmeas estas han perdido la capacidad de polinizarse, entonces forman gemas. Hace 3 semanas conseguí una Solaris con gemas y las puse en un sustrato y veo que están germinando, también está empezando a sacar tallo floral. Esta planta es muy parecida a mis Droseras Carbarup.
  9. Flavas and a few alatas in the foreground.
  10. Leucophyllas and leuco hybrids. Anthocyanin free plants in the foreground.
  11. Some trials in different Melcourt Growbark Pine mixes.
  12. I have a 55 gallon fish tank with a few carnivorous plants in and cant find anything on if the is anything that is "tank mates" with them or not. Thanks
  13. Bonjour very nice success long life to these plants jeff
  14. Just... wow! Really beautiful plants. Will you share your growing conditions with us? I have been thinking about trying this one, if I manage to get is somewhere.
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum
  16. Yeah everything else seems to be fine, although the new growth on the sarracenia 'Tarnok' next to it is a bit weak this year but nothing like what's happened to this one! I'll repot this week and hope for the best - thanks for your help.
  17. Interested in this also... I've read previously that CP enjoy cooler white lights, in the 6000k range but I'm hoping someone with more experience can chime in
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