Pine needles as a part of the Nep mix?

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Has anybody tried using pine needles with Neps.? A friend from Canada did a somewhat controlled experiment with and without the one needles and found those with, were grew better and were more resistant to environemental damage.

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could be good being as im near the new forest.Pine needles as a potting mix theres tonnes of it down here wonder if anyone has used it over a long period of time?with some results we could look at?

Bye for now Julian

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I have read that for winter protection a fair number of US growers cover bog gardens in a pine-needle mulch. So, they can't be that toxic to other plants.

Actually here in Atlanta and through out the South pine straw is used as mulch for just about everything; planting beds, flower boxes, veggie gardens.

Break down of the needles does result in acidification of the soil but as far ac CPs are concerned one might think that that was a good thing...

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I know someone in Canada that mulches with pine needles, not just for garden plants, but for his cp bog, so I don't think there is too much harm.

Pine needles do contain wax and reisen (I think) and are acidic. I think the lower pH killed those christmas plants, but its just a guesss. Zongyi

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