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VFT Seedlings and mould


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I have been trying to grow VFT's from seed, but until yesterday all I thought I was growing was surface white fuzzy mould. I have one stem that has broke the suface! :D

I still have the mould issue though, is it dangerous to my tiny VFT? and how can I get rid of it without killing my plant?

The mould isn't thick but it has been developing.

I keep my VFT's in my bedroom under a 25w light and in about 1cm of rain water.



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Guest Sheila

The mould can smother tiny seedlings. I would use a toothpick or cocktail stick and gently lift the mould from the surface of the peat around the seedling. You should be able to clear an area giving the plant a better chance of growing. It will come back in a few days but you can keep clearing it until the plant can cope. Once the summer sets in properly it should disappear altogether

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