Cephalotus (Just my imagination?)


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Hi guys. Recently i have been observing my cephalotus mother plant that i have taken some leaves from and it seems to me that when i pull a leaf or two off, a few more start growing. Do they tend to send up more leaves and pitchers when you remove other leaves for cuttings? or am i just imagining it. Cheers


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I've also noticed that when a cephalotus plant start its active growing season, it physically sheds mature leaves out of the plant to make room for new ones and new pitchers. So I don't waste my time. I'll pick them up and I try to propagate them elsewhere

It sounds a little bit weird, but in most cases the old leaf dies and a new growth point is available, but this particular plant that i have can not waste its time killing the old leaf, it just pushes it out from the basal point.


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