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I like half branded medium/fine orchid compost and half sphagnum moss, with a little perlite.

Neps are reputed for being quite unfussy about the precise maekup of the compost, as long as it's open and retains enough water. They just like being left alone in whatever is acceptable.

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They are carnivorous, so media wouldn't be that important as opposed to conditions kept in i think. I keep it in peat-perlite mix just because i have it in abundance and it lets the roots grow however and wherever they want! With moss i find sometimes a lot of bugs here and there, seeds from random plants, also the plant might have difficulty rooting in it, as it may be slushy if minced up, or too airy if not! Peat is nice because it is set all around the roots and they can grow as they like, orchid bark for instance will block a lot of potential routes the roots can take!!! (erm also harder to pot in orchid bark and getting it to stand up right!!!)

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