Planting Drosophyllum seeds?


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I have managed to get some more Drosophyllum seeds and wonder what is really the best way of planting them.

Last time I planted 10 seeds in a large container with the idea of pricking out the seedlings as and when they germinated. 5 germinated over a period of time. The first 2 I carefully removed before they had developed too much but despite looking quite good died quite quickly. :cry: So I left the rest where they were the One was quite weak and also died but two others took off quite well. Ironically the strongest of the two died before winter started, and the remaing one looked good till it died a week ago.

So is it really best to just plant one seed per pot, using the pot where the plant will remain?

I used a mix of peat & sand, is there a better alternative?

Any other other ideas?



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I was very impressed with Jan Visee's plants, sown in small peat pots; I bought one at Mike King's second Open Day and it's still thriving. So, I'm trying the same method myself this spring. I usually get good germination with Drosophyllum, but transplanting is a pain. Small peat pots mean that you don't have to disturb the roots, or use lots of larger pots.,

I pre-treat my seed by scarifying the seed and soaking for 24 hours and then lightly bury them. On the two occasions that I have done this they have sprouted within 2 weeks. I planted two seeds per peat pot and will keep the strongest of the two, if they both germinate.


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I got one from Jan Visee in a tiny peat pot. I put the peat pot in mix of sand, peat and John Innes No. 2, as recommended by Slack. The plant has done very well since then. It is producing its first flower bud now. I don't know how necessary the John Innes is, but it certainly doesn't seem to harm the plant.

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I soaked my Drosophyllum seeds in Giberrellic(?) acid for 24+ hours, then scratched off the pointy bit of the seed and soaked for a short time, before potting up in a small trench of 1:1 Moss peat & Sand in Peat Pots.

All germinated and of 10 seeds, 8 germinated and 6 survived.

good luck.


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