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Cephalotus powder


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It's a powdery mildew, a fungus. Cephalotus are quite prone to it, though I don't know if it can be fatal, it certainly knocks their growth back a bit. Some growers have reported reasonable control with sulphur. I cleared mine up last year with Scotts 'Fungus Clear' which comes ready mixed in a gun (active ingredient = Penconazole, a fungicide specific against powdery mildew), it had no obvious toxic effects on the Cephs and the mildew hasn't come back. I seem to remember some other Forum members have also reported good results with this product on Cephs as well.


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My Cephs have been standing in water all summer, so the compost is permanently wet.

It certainly did not look like mildew as I understand it. The effect was of a white crystalline deposit on the leaf surface.

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Hi all:

Last year, i had white powder like substance on one of the leaves of my ceph plant. It took me a while to realize tha it was coming from the edge of the lid from a pitcher sitting on top of the non carnivorous leaf, the lid was somehow being eaten away by the same culprit. So i used a sulfur-based fungicide, and now the plant looks so energetic and healthy.


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Thanks Langy. I don't have a garden centre near me in London so B&Q is my nearest source of gardening bits & bobs :)

As I seem to live in the neck of the woods where even B&Q did not keep it , I eventually got it on-line at http://www.chulmleigh-hardware.co.uk/

It cleared up the mildew in double quick time :)



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