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Maciej Stelmach's Heliamphora and Co.

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Hello. Some years ago I had a topic on CPUK with my pictures of Heliamphora. I'd like to resume posting photographs of my plants here but this time with other CP genera as well.

First I'll go with 2 very closely related species, coming from the same Tepui - Amuri. My personal take on these is that the H. exappendiculata from Amuri are more or less hybridized with H. uncinata, mostly because they bear nectar glands on the back of their pitchers which is typical feature for H. uncinata but nonexistent when it comes to H. exappendiculata.


h-exap-amuri-ms-1 (2).jpg

h-exap-amuri-ms-2 (2).jpg

h-uncinata-giant-ms-a (2).jpg

h-uncinata-giant-ms-b (2).jpg

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Another shots of different Heliamphora exappendiculata clones - M. Schach clone being more compact, and A. Wistuba clone with slender, taller leaves.

Heliamphora ceracea x hispida - nice hybrid that naturally occurs on Cerro Neblina Massif. Rather compact and easily clumping.

Heliamphora neblinae AW clone Vir2 - very tall and vigorous clone which under proper light forms red stripe through the center of its' leaves as seen on the picture.





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