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history of CPUK forum

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Hi everyone, 

Can anyone fill me in on the history of what happened in the last twenty years CPUK forum, how is this forum funded these days and where are the super old posts, are they archived?

I kept CPs back in 2000 to 2003 in Newport, Wales. Went to University and had to give the plants away slowly. I was on CPUK forum many years ago even entered a photo competition in 2003 i think with a ping of mine shot with my webcam, those were the days. Twenty years forward, I have moved to Switzerland Zurich with now two kids asking what are these plants I have photos of, i am thinking to get a cephalotus to pique their interest.

I kept a file of the addresses of the growers I interacted with, not sure if any of them are still here. Vic Brown, Langford Williams, Paul O'Keeffe, Sheila Little, Chris Skinner, Mike King, Giles King-Salter etc etc



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Hi, the forum is funded by the Carnivorous Plant Society, but is not very functional these days with almost all posts being EU plant sales. CP chats, sales and trading have all moved to various Facebook groups.  Some of the people you mention are still around...


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