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Winter Buys

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Depends how your winters are and what species you are looking for.

Tropical plants that will be grown indoors, not if you get frost. Big risk they die in transit.

Temperate species that will be grown outdoors or in greenhouse. Yes.

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Pitcher plants: now is shipping season for sarracenia. They are temperate plants that should be grown outdoors. No grow light needed. The other genus of pitcher plants Heliamphora should not be shipped now, they don't tollerate frost. I think you are a beginner in the CP hobby? If so you should not try growing helis anyway.

Nepenthes also do not tollerate frost. So shipment season is over in most part of the nortern temperate hemisphere.

What you can do now is to buy some good CP books and study up on species and care to be prepared when shipping season starts.

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