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Fall Salen purpurea seed and some divisions of sarracenia

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Sale of sarracenia purpurea seeds 2023 (x self-pollinated by hand and protected flower)
Code commande Code RP  25 graines disponible par sachet x Self Euro per bag
1 SPP21 ssp purpurea var. stolonifera USA x Self 3
2 SPP04 ssp. purpurea Pakim Pound, Burlington Co., NJ, USA, MK PP3  x Self 3
3 SPP30 ssp purpurea  Dorcas Bay Bruce Co. Ontario Canada x Self 3
4 SPP27 ssp purpurea Fort Nelson, Colombie-Britanique, Canada x Self 3
5 SPP15 ssp purpurea plante Suisse issues de graines  x Self 3
6 SPP28 ssp purpurea Crieff Bog, Ontario, Canada x Self 3
7 SPP10 ssp purpurea Sachsen, Allemagne de l’est, DE  x Self 3
8 SPP20 ssp purpurea Peatlands Park, County Armagh, IRL      x Self 3
9 SPP18 ssp purpurea Minor Black Ex Thomas Carow      x Self 3
10 SPP31 ssp purpurea Peggys Cove Nouvelle Ecosse, Canada x Self 3
11 SPV26 ssp. venosa Wellington Co., ONT, CA x Self 3
12 SPP08 ssp purpurea d’Oakland Co, Michigan USA,  x Self 3
13 SPP07 ssp purpurea ‘’Veinless Plant’’ (2) (not antho free) feuille orange en hiver  x Self 4
15 SPV19 ssp. venosa near Wilmington, New Hanover Co., North Carolina, USA x Self 4
16 SPV06 ssp venosa 'Rufled lid’ USA  x Self 4
17 SPB03 var. burkii (rosea) de Bay County, Florida USA      x Self 4




Shipping fees:
EU 7€

Payment via paypal friends


Code commande Code RP Plantes disponible 2023 taille   Price in Euro
1 SPP11 ssp purpurea ‘’Géant Suisse heterophylla'' issus de semis RP 2017 clone B 2017 L 12
5 SPV01 ssp venosa Géant vigoureux  L 15
6 SPB06 var burkii (rosea) Florida USA  L 15
10 SFO02 var. ornata Apalachicola National Forest, FL W, USA              L-XL 12
11 SFO04 var. ornata Sandy Creek Road, Bay Co, FL USA L-XL 12
12 SHY01 ‘Reptilian Rose’ (Phil Faulisi)  L 35
13 SHY05 ‘Leah Wilkerson’ W. Walton Co, FL MK H112 W. USA  L 25
14 SHY06 ‘Adrian Slack’ Milton, Florida, W. MK H113, USA  L 25
15 SHY07 Wilkerson’s White Knight' W. Walton Co, FL USA  L 30
16 SHY10 Aerolata ‘’October Hope’’ Daniel Righetti     L 25
17 SHY14 Spécial Hybrid de Ruedi Fürst  L 12
18 SFO05 var. ornata ‘GOLDIE’  L-XL 45
19 SLE02 Yellow flowered form, Red/white, Russell Road, Citronelle, AL, WS USA MK L14 XL 12
20 SLE06 var alba (L2 RVL) MK L2              XL 12
21 SLE08 var leucophylla Lavinia L2 MK X L18 MK       XL 12
22 RP var alba ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Baldwin Co, AL USA    L 15
23 SLE01 var alba ‘Hurricane Creek White’ clone 5 ICPS Baldwin Co, AL USA              L-XL 25
25 RP Catesbaei Sorrow x Flava Rugelii             M 10

Shipping fees:
EU 15€

Payment via paypal friends

excellent culture to all







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