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How do you distinguish between D. Anglica and D. Rotundfolia


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I forgot to label (or those i did label washed off) my drosera collection last winter and need help ID'ing these. I'm 99% sure it is Rotundfolia but cant say for certain since they look identical side by side. The front pot is the "unknown" and what i need help identifying, the back left is D. Rotundfolia and the back right is D. Anglica. Are there any distinuishable features i should be looking for between the two?




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19 hours ago, gardenofeden said:

you have a real mix up there. front pot looks like Drosera x eloisiana. back left is rotundifolia and anglica plants mixed in the same pot, back right looks like anglica

I did have some D. Beleziana many years ago but i thought that had long died off. Maybe i'll just write the whole lot off as mixed Drosera. This is why i stick mainly too Sarracenia they are far easier to identify

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Yeah i'm giving up on this lot just tried to repot a bunch today but i'm at the point where i'm questioning if my D. Anglica is really D. Intermedia or is it D. Obovata or maybe its that D. Beleziana i had many years ago. Ugh how do people keep Drosera they're a nightmare 😂

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Sometimes these species be a bit difficult to ID. But here are some pictures of the various species and hybrids.20230718_103930.thumb.jpg.1f328c859bf29046a07a8969de825218.jpg

Drosera intermedia



Drosera intermedia - when you grow them in warm water during the summer 🙂 



Drosera anglica



Drosera anglica



Drosera anglica - two colors



Drosera rotundifolia



Drosera x eloisiana


Hope this helps


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Nice plants Martin!

For what its worth i'm going to try and ID my lot of the flowers/stalks. After doing a bit of research (handy link https://www.carnivorousplants.org/cp/evolution/DroseraHybrids) it seems D. Aglica should be mostly straight upright stalks with the largest leaves of all. D. Intermedia almost identical but should have slightly smaller leaves in comparison.

The flowers of the fertile polyploid of Drosera x eloisiana (was Drosera x belezeana) are the same size as the flowers of Drosera intermedia (9 mm) and more than twice the size of Drosera rotundifolia flowers.

The tricky business in my case is going to be figuring out whether its D. Beleziana or one of the other similar looking hybrids since i've had just about every plant going over the years and i have over 2 dozen pots worth of the stuff now.

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Ok I dont think i can ever be sure of identication with these plants now but i "think" i've got them figured out. I'll just keep these back for myself and wont trade with them.


Drosera x Beleziana



Could be a mix of Rotundifolia but i'm suspecting this is going to be more of Drosera x Beleziana (above) as it grows




Drosera x Anglica



Drosera x Intermedia



Drosera x Hybrida



Too small to say yet but i'm secretly hoping this is some of that allusive Rotundifolia

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On 8/9/2023 at 5:06 PM, gardenofeden said:

sorry its not rotundifolia

Correct. Turned out to be more Beleziana

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