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Drosera ID


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The great thing about growing plants in Sphagnum (cuttings, orchids without roots, other carnivores) is that you usually will get unknown seedlings growing happily inbetween the Sphagnum. Sometimes these seedlings manage to survive outside the terrarium conditions in the 8l plastic bottles I use to pamper young or damaged orchids.

As happened with this Drosera

Outside the bottle, it has made three new leaves, which seem to be hirsute. A week stem, and roundish to kidney shaped leaves.

The picture isn't the best, and the unknown Drosera is small. Obviously a seedling, transported in a dutch Sphagnum bag. 

Any clues what it could be?IMG_20230703_2221304.thumb.jpg.f8c867a1548d3f2fddd48416de4ad85d.jpg

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I guess I'll have to wait if it goes on growing in a rosette now, or it reverts to a new little stem. 

Loves heat and sun right now. If it is rotundifolia, it won't survive winter.

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I think that If it came from Netherlands, no matter species it will not survive winter. And, yes I agree it is rotundifola. Not any species in the Netherlands that can be confused with it as far as I know.

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