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Hello from Gran Canaria, Spain


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finally managed to join the cpuk forum. As I'm not on 'social' media, and probably never will be, it feeled fair to me to join here. Places like this only live with active members.

Addicted to plants since I can think of it, I've always had one or another ping to join my orchids.

Last year I got a Nepenthes again. As you perhaps can imagine, there is not much choice over here. Rarely plants come with tags, and the main source is the netherlands plant industry. 

I was happy to find a plant with a tag 'lowii x ventricosa', which I have learned by now is a pretty common hybrid. It has been fun watching, seven new leaves, three gorgeous new pitchers and four more developing right now. 

I hope I can share it with you all, improve my english while doing so, and hopefully making new friends.


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Oh, that is good news! Plant nurseries over here are plenty with no-name-red-pitchered-monkey-jars (aka bloody mary, ventrata, gaya and alike), so any one different is higly welcome.

My heart though belongs to the little pitchers, and preferably to green or yellow ones ... 

And thank you!

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