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Sarracenias arrived with all leaves cut off, is this an issue for future growth?


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I tried to google more info on this to no avail, so I figured it's best to ask.

I purchased two Sarracenias from a nursery and one, Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis, arrived with all the leaves chopped off, leaving just three 5cm stumps. The other, a leucophylla hybrid, arrived with all the growth chopped off entirely down to the soil level and just one new pitcher - but it was damaged in shipping and the pitcher was near-detached at the bottom, leaving this second sarracenia without any growth as well. I received them a month ago and there are no signs of new growth sprouting, while all my other sarracenias (5 of them) are happily growing around these.

My reasoning is that plants need leaves for photosynthesis, and without any growth, I suppose that they will get there, but it will take a long time, especially given that they do not intake nutrients from the soil.

Am I worried over nothing? Is it normal for nurseries to chop down Sarracenias so much for hibernation, or should I avoid this one in the future when purchasing Sarracenias?

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That's normally done for plants sent late winter or early spring so I'm surprised pitchers were removed this time of year. Also, sometimes to facilitate posting leaves can be bent over. S. minor tends to produce pitchers later than other species so may be OK. Disease or pest damage can also delay/prevent growth. If the rhizomes look healthy then everything may be fine but otherwise it's difficult to say if they'll survive. Good luck!

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