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Filiformis dormancy


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Maybe its not the wetness. Which form do you have?

I have only D. filiformis filiformis. In years past I had sometimes Botrytis over the winter. If not treated it spreads very fast to adjoining hibernacle.

When I treated them at once just with a little heap of wood-ashes, it stopped and none affected hibernacle stayed healthy.

Nowadays I have them in a unheated studio and outside, all in a hydroponic floating island always moist but never drowned. I had not to treat them yet.

Maybe I give them this year some ashes just in case. Some potassium is not harmful in my experience, and most carnivores benefit from fires. I do not overdo it because

fires occur only every other year 😉 .

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First year seedlings do have usually more distance than  the clumps after another year of growth. I have seeds practically everywhere on my Hydroponics. They germinate after the frost outdoor and grow quite fast. Flowering is usually in the following year.

On my islands they are always moist but never drowning, because the substrate level is always above the waterline.

I have not had them for now almost a century. The Botrytis problem occurred in the past always in older clumps. Inside and outside. But as long I had my old fashioned habitats I had this issue not every winter but quite often. At least somewhere.

My new ones I have now in the third year and never a problem yet.





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