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I want to get a flycatcher


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Hello! Always wanted to have a plant that catches flies, flycatcher in short I do not know how to call it scientifically! And here by chance came across your wonderful forum! Please tell me if it is difficult to look after, and what to feed in the winter when there are no flies?

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I would asume you are talking about the Venus flytrap?  Dionaea muscipula.

If that is the one you are wondering about there are 100s of care sheet online. But in short:

VFT needs full sun, just as much as you can give.

VFT needs to be wet at all times.

VFT needs clean water. Destilled water or rain water is proboably the best option for beginners with just a few plants.

VFT cannot be fertilized, they will die.

VFT needs winter dormancy for survival. This means they wilt away like perennials just to regrow in spring. 



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