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Questions about nepenthes terrarium

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Hi all!! I’m looking to make/buy a terrarium for my nepenthes, but I’m unsure on if it’s the best choice.

I have 4 medium sized nepenthes and usually I just keep them around a mini humidifier 24/7 and mist them in the morning. However, with winter weather humidity has really dropped. I’ve been looking into terrariums but I’m not sure how to go about it and if it’s worth the money/effort to create a terrarium or if I should just get a better mini humidifier (mine is old and unfortunately and doesn’t work well)

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Nepenthes grow better and produce better/more pitchers in terrarium. The reason is high humidity. That kind of humidity that is not healthy if kept in a house. However most species will outgrow any terrarium in due time. So many, including me, shose to buy grow tents instead. A standard walk in tent like the ones used by illegal herb growers will be a long term suitable home for all species.

If you just have a few young plants a terrarium may be a good intermediate step.

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