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Drosera tracyi or a filiformis hybrid?


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Hello. I got this plant as tracyi 'giant'. I have however doubts that it is a tracyi. I think it is a filiformis or a hybrid with that species. I have been growing the normal filiformis for over a decade now. That plant is half the size of the one in question, but the height of filiformis does vary depending from which population it originates.  The reason why I have doubts about my supposed tracyi being an actual tracyi is that it's testicles are red. Not as red as the filiformis, but they have a more intense color than the pictures online, where the close ups are just slightly pinkish and give the plant a white appearance overall.

I do like this plant, since it a very nice size, but I do want to get the real deal, in case this isn't it.


Here are some pictures. The plant is just starting to enter dormancy, but most of the leaves still have dew on them.1663789660889.thumb.jpg.8c513df84843f104ad9b928c43192ca7.jpg





Drosera filiformis is on the last picture. Only one leaf is left with dew, the plants are entering dormancy.





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