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Are these mites on my dionaeas?

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Hi :)

I have grown VF for several years but never seen these little bugs before. They are tiny and move around quite a lot. They disappear from the traps when disturbed and when full sun hits the plants. All of them are black or dark in color and very hard to get rid of. 
My plants are not as vigorous as they use to and I get a lot of twisted/dissformed traps. 

Can anyone help me to identify them? My guess would be some kind of mites

Any idea how to get rid of them? (I live in Norway, so effective pest and mitecides are hard to get.)

br Kay



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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it could be springtails. I guess they come in many shapes and colors. Never seen these before. They seem to gather on the edge of the traps as you can see in the pictures I posted. And in quite large numbers all summer. The reason I suspected it might be some kind of mites is because my VFs have been growing many disformed/twisted traps and look a bit “sad” and pale. I have grown them under the same conditions for many years and they always look great this time of year. 
I know that springtails are usually  harmless, but could some species harm CPs?

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