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Drosophyllum lusitanicum blooming


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I've had them flowering into the start of September and still had seed.

I find the buds far more interesting than the flowers.


Your plant looks very green. Does it get much sun?

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Fred has them probably in a greenhouse. At the window is probably much less light than there. LED should help.

Mine are usually outside until frost. Inside in my cold studio over the winter and most often with some aluminiumfoil behind or some LED now.

Is yours still alive? They tend to die after the first flower.

I had a variation with bigger flowers and red tips on the seed capsules from Los Barrios. 2018/19 I gave all my plants to my local Botanical Garden.

Last year I started again. Got still lots of seeds from Los Barrios, but I do not know which one from the actual ones are from this variety. I probably have both.

I will see it when they set seed.



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