Cephalotus take 2


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Hi all,

Really appreciate the advice and support with my other thread where my last plant suffered from a fungal attack or possible sudden death. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it might regrow from the roots.

I have had the replacement now for a few weeks and literally seems like it's on steroids! As suggested it looks like it's from Carni flora and looks superb with the abundance of pitchers with so many new ones on the way.

As it arrived just a couple of days before we hit 40C I put it on the North facing kitchen windowsill for the time being. It seems to be very thirsty, topping up the water as it keeps disappearing from the tray. I might get a deeper saucer for it.

I'm trying to acclimatise it a bit and plan to put it on the south facing bedroom windowsill with my Drosera, Sarracenia and Nepenthes. I hope the change in light levels won't be harmful? The plant I had that I lost a few years ago was previously there and had that quite a few years. Also it's in a different room to my other plant to reduce the risk of transmission of the same fungal infection.

I'm also planning to water from the top with some orchid fertiliser and then flush through again a week later.

I was going to leave repotting it until next Spring.

As it seems so healthy I want to make sure I keep it that way.

Any thoughts or suggestions at all on the above would be most appreciated.

Many thanks




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Your comment regarding it looking like it's on steroids might not be far from the truth if it is a TC grown plant :laugh:

During the hotter weather you are less likely to get fungal issues on the plant but the colder, darker winter weather can cause them, so always adjust your watering conditions depending on the season. I usually keep the water level lower and the saucer empty for longer during colder months.

Cephalotus dislike change, taking time to reacclimatise, so if you find somewhere it likes growing then keep it there if possible.

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Excellent, thanksĀ :smile:

I worried that a North facing windowsill might be too dark possibly. I remember the pitchers tending to be bigger and greener there as they seem to be on low light?

I don't know also if it may even oddly benefit from being just behind the sink and the humidity arising from the washing up bowl as I worried about chemicals etc too.

How soon would I have an idea as to whether it is happy or not where it is? So far there seem to be numerous little green pitchers coming out in all directions, it seems to be growing well so far.

I've even set up a camera on slow timelapse, they don't seem the fastest growing of plants but wanted to try and gauge its progress.

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If it's throwing out pitchers on a regular basis then I would consider it as being happy. Light wise, you are correct in that in lower light levels the pitchers stay greener and larger.

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